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Dear community,


I am using Microsoft flow to post messages to Yammer, unfortunately it isn't possible to add images to these posts. I want to post a Yammer message when a picture is added to Dropbox.

I just received word that the development team of flow isn't going to create this possibility soon.

They said if you have someone on your development team they can look at the API of yammer and create this there self's. Unfortunately i don't have a development team and my programming skills are limited.

Is there someone who want to take this challenge. More people want this functionality and it would give Yammer a big boost within our company.

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What do you want the posted message to say / include?


If it's just text, you can use the Yammer - Post action in Flow.   Here's an old sample of something I used to create a Yammer message with a Yammer message as the trigger; just change to the Dropbox trigger.   


You can effectively add an image by inputting the URL of the image; it might give a preview in the post, though I haven't tested this.


Further down in the example linked above is doing a REST call (the API) using the HTTP action in Flow.  In your case, you'd want to use the Pending Attachments API.  


Ok, so all that to explain what the people tried to tell you, and to show you that it's possible to do what they suggest, even with limited programming skills.  But as a reward for reading this far, I'll tell you what might be a better methodology.


Every Yammer group has an email address, and you can use that to post messages.  Emails with attachments in the email will be uploaded and posted as well.  So instead of messing with any of of the API stuff, use DropBox as your trigger, and email as your action.  


Go to the group you want to post in, and look on the right rail.  Near the bottom is a "post to this group by email" link.  Click that and then copy the email address shown.

Post to mail.jpg

Create your Flow and create your Email action, and that address is the target email address.  Craft your message to be sent based on the picture from DropBox (I never tried that, so don't know how).  The point is, if you can send an email with that picture as an attachment, you can post it to Yammer.


Let us know if this helps.  





thank you for your reply. I already did the link test, but it doesn't give previews and i want the previews.

The idea with the email is a very smart one. Any chance to also automate that email that you get, if you are sure to post it in the group..because when i automate this there will be several posts a day and i don't want to confirm every time.


You got it; the confirmation email is a configuration item you can disable.


I'm really glad that idea is helpful.  :)


Here are problems.

1. I couldn't send emails with attachments which large than 10M.

2. And the link from yammer flies, I copy it, then post the link, I can get the attachments' preview

3. But the link can't get by flow or predictable.

4. I compare the link from yammer flies with the same file in sharepoint, the link from sharepoint can's show a preview.

Summary: Can we have any way to post the yammer with connector "Post yammer" ? Since 2018, the IT service have do nothing to improve the "Post Yammer" connector. I think it's very easy to modify this connector, just add a new row with attachments like "Send an email" connector.

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