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Hi Yammer,

is there any option to be developed to improve the way MY GROUPS (the one I belong to) can be better managed?

They are NOT IN ALPHABETICAL order and it's not there the option to group or move the similar together.

Do you forsee any improvement on this side?

In my company more or less all my colleagues are asking for this feature.


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Is there any feedback on this from someone?


Hi Laura, groups are organized based on your activity in them - your most used groups will be at the top of the list, so for each user the order is different. It is not possible to re-order groups currently, but I see that Microsoft has indicated they are considering the ability to do so in a future enhancement via UserVoice.

This is just one shame that 18 months later, still nothing is done about it.

I need folders, setup, etc.


Does anyone know one work around ? I guess this is not possible, but who knows...