Obtain the Yammer link from Unified Yammer Group

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Unified Group conntected Yammer Groups can be browsed in the Azure Portal. When looking at the details page of such a group you see a picture like this, giving you the link to the Yammer landing page for that specific groupI


I wrote an article how to retrieve this information using EXO PowerShell scripts some time ago (https://www.nubo.eu/Return-The-Connected-Services-Of-Office365-Groups/). This approach is ok but is not working very well if you want to retrieve the information from different API endpoints.


Assuming that I have a Unified Group and I can retrieve the details of the group using Graph. How can I obtain the Yammer URL for that specific Group, ideally using Graph? Or do you know some good solutions on how to generate a link that takes the Unified Group ID and redirects the user to the right place in Yammer?


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@plamber hey did you ever get anywhere with this? I need to do this as part of an activity in checking that our Yammer communities are consistent with their corresponding objects on azure ad as it looks as though they're out of sync (yammer communities showing public but o365 group is still private). I've seen some methods using Yammer API but was wondering if there's anything to pull that info from Azure AD




unfortunately I have still this issue. I found an undocumented v2 endpoint in Yammer REST API that you can call to get back the unified group ID with a given Yammer Group ID.


Therefore, you should be able to call another Yammer endpoint /api/v1/groups endpoint to list all Yammer Groups. Then you should be able to call the "/api/v2/groups/{id}?attrs=(groups(id%2Ctenant_id%2Cunified_group_id%2Cunified_group_email%2Cdynamic_membership%2Cclassification))" endpoint to retrieve the Unified Group ID.


With that mapping you could start doing whatever you need to do. Its not ideal but at least helps you do a proper mapping


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