Microsoft Flow posting RSS Feed content to Yammer challenge - HTML Tags

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Hi everyone.  I am using Microsoft Flow to automatically post content from RSS feeds into a specific Yammer group. One challenge we are experiencing is the RSS feed content posting to the Yammer group and also appearing in the Yammer email notifications to group members includesHTML tags. The HTML tags are making most of the posts rather challenging to read within the Yammer group posts and Yammer email notifications. Can't seem to turn off HTML tags within Microsoft Flow or within the Google RSS feeds so hoping there is away to control this within Yammer ? Thank you very much!  Jeff

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Have you tried to add RSS Feed with "connectors"? Under "Group Actions" of that group click "Add or Remove Apps" and choose the RSS connector. But I'm not sure it would fix the html problem. If it does not fix it, you may report it as a RSS connector bug. Best

Thanks Patrizio. Yes, I am using he RSS feed news to Yammer connector. The connector does not appear to have an option to turn off the html tags. Unfortunately, the RSS feed source does not appear to have this functionality either. Will reach out to the author of the connector to see if that functionality can be added. Cheers!  

I've encountered this same issue @Jeff Cooperman.  Did you find a solution?