Is it possible to add auto tag a post using Flow?

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Has anyone tried auto tagging a post in Yammer based on keywords in the message?

For example, there is a group that wants to use Yammer for announcements and the team does not want to rely on the user to "remember" to add tags. If the user includes standard keywords for example: Corporate, Sales, Finance could that become a tag for Yammer?


@Tom Kretzmer (Hello my friend! I'm adding you because I know this request might sound familiar).

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Hey, Lilly.  :)  Yeah I'd bet a dollar Flow could do this, similar to moving Joined messages.  Instead of re-posting into a different group, post back to the triggering thread with a post containing the topic tag.  You could try to use either a hashtag and the text (e.g. "#Sales"), or get the code and add that in (e.g. "[Tag:12935835:Sales]").  


Now, are you sure you want to proliferate the topics like that?  

Thanks for spelling it out for me Tom! I'll give this a try and see if we can get it to works. I know this might sound like I'm "selling my soul to the..." the arterial motive is I plan to draw the line with this request as long as it can get me that additional buy-in for Yammer ;)

Since this request is for organizational announcements our hope is that it will draw people to Yammer rather than the old way. One can only pray and hope! :) If I run into snags I'll post them here for anyone else that might be interested in this sort of thing.


The flow is pretty simple so fingers crossed!

1. Any user posts will post org message in group with keywords like (Sales, Finance, HR etc.) and also include year (2017, 2018 etc.)

2. Flow picks up the key word and returns a #sales #2017 tag.

3. Process is complete.

Sounds good.  :) And yeah, please post back how you make out or if you hit any snags.  I'm sure we can figure out how to make this work.  :)



You could also use the Azure Text Analytics service to find topics in the posted text and then add these to the post. There is a Flow action to call the Azure cognitive services that returns JSON that you can convert to the text you need for hash tags. You will need an azure subscription to create the text analytics service.
I did this with yammer export to find topics people discussed even if they didn't use hash tags.

@Tom Kretzmer Ok finally had a chance to come back here and report on this. So I tried the steps and it seems that everything is filled in but for some reason I'm not seeing anything happen. I'm sharing screenshots here for reference (sorry had to blur some info but I'm sure you understand;-). Any thoughts?

oops forgot to add screenshots

Hmm, I would start by trying to get anything at all, and to do that I'd make it super simple.  Do your trigger action from a test group you can spam at will, and have the message text contain "foo" or whatever, something super simple.  Then have the target group be a spammable group too, and for now ditch the topics.  See if you can get that working, just with little tweaks.  Once it works, expand "foo" to "Corporate", and try.  Work your way up to "Corporate Organizational Announcement".  Then, when all that is working the way you like (in the spam groups), add in topics one by one.  After it's working perfectly in your test groups, move the targets to the real groups.  


Does that help?

@Tom Kretzmer good news we got the flow to work!! @Christopher Clay helped fix it and its running beautifully! This will be a true productivity saver and game changer for us. Thanks so much for your help!!

In case this helps anyone... I had an extra space in my "condition" text and also my condition was changed to "message list" instead of "message text" and that did the trick!

Woo hoo!  That's great to hear! And thanks for letting us know what the holdup was.  


Hey, share any tidbits on how it drives adoption - we're going through some early planning now on adoption and we can use all the tips we can find.  :)

I'll be happy to report back any correlations with adoption and user engagement. Stay tuned!

Reopening this as I needed to tag all posts of a particular topic in Yammer with another topic. Here's how we did it using the current (2020) connectors.


This was because we had a topic #monthlyupdate but some people kept posting on #monthlyupdates instead.


Note we had to add a condition to ignore something in the body of the auto-reply, since it kept entering an endless loop otherwise (presumably as the reply inherited the original topic).


Hope this helps someone else!