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Dear Reader,

We have developed a yammer app retrieve data from our customers.
For some customers when we want to retrieve images from group messages we get the message "InvalidOrMissingClaims". What is the cause of this message and what is the solution?

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@Gauddi - Did you have any luck with this?

We're now experiencing the same issue for certain images. We can successfully make the request to get metadata for an uploaded file, e.g., but when following any of the download links provided in the XML we just receive a 400 Bad Request with:


{ "reason": "InvalidOrMissingClaims" }


Did you manage to fix this? I'm facing this for the Delete method too.

Any update on this?


I've found an article that might explain why this is happening:


I am in the middle of the investigation. It seems that Yammer would now store files in Sharepoint online and you need an extra authentication (AAD) if you want to work with files like images (upload, download, etc)