Intermittent 500 Response when Posting Announcement to /messages.json

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The activity feed on our web application can optionally syndicate to Yammer. This integration has worked fine for many months, however from about 2 weeks ago (28th Oct) we noticed intermittent 500 responses from Yammer. Roughly 90% fail and about 10% succeed. Even posting identical messages, some work and some don't. We are really struggling to understand what the issue is as we haven't changed anything and there doesn't seem to be a pattern to the failures.


Here's the documentation for the endpoint we are using /messagesPost.json - Yammer | Microsoft Learn And here is an example of the fields we are posting:


"og_title":"Thank you - \"Thank you all for being an incredible team and pulling together to ge...\"",
"title":"Amy Banks, David Flaks, Lewis Hewton, Pri Mohite, Corwin Ng, Nandini Phadnis have been recognised by Simon Liley"


Is anyone experiencing anything similar or could offer some advise on how to debug the issue?


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