I can't fetch messages older than some id



I'm a data scientist and intern student withing Engie IT team, I'm applying some classic data mining algorithms on data. for that I've been using Yammer REST API to get messages:

for this particular id=825973066 it happens that server is returning nothing!

This is the request


and here is the response

    "threaded_extended": {},
    "messages": [],
    "references": [],
    "external_references": [],
    "meta": {
        "older_available": false,
        "requested_poll_interval": 60,
        "realtime": {
            "uri": "https://1-2027689-1627239579-346.rt.yammer.com/cometd/",
            "authentication_token": "uwRfbLf39hsMU07kvm0S5s6WyELL/nYb5YjsKLRetoR4nKtWKi1OLVKyMjQzMjcytjQ1t9RRykstKc8vylayMjIwMjezAIqkVhRkFlUCVZkaGBmbGpoZmNYCANOaD7Y=",
            "channel_id": "MToyMDI3Njg5OjIwMjc2ODk"
        "last_seen_message_id": null,
        "current_user_id": 1627239579,
        "followed_references": [],
        "ymodules": [],
        "newest_message_details": null,
        "feed_name": "Company Feed",
        "feed_desc": "ENGIE's public messages",
        "direct_from_body": false

This is not the first post on Yammer network. so how to bypass that.


Thank you and have a great day!

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If you're data mining, you should be utilizing the data export API - it has all the messages in one view and you can  upload in into your engine.

I had a releated issue. When calling messages.json, it is skipping a block of messages. 



Most other messages, before and after the message ID, in our Yammer network are being returned.


I had opened Microsoft Support ticket. They spent  months analyzing the JSON response files, and in the end when we proved that Yammer REST API works most of the time, but now always, we were told that Microsoft no longer supports Yammer REST API and we should use Yammer Data Export instead.  


Do not use Yammer REST API for any analytics or custom Yammer Apps. 

Hello Vinay,

it would be great of you could repeat that for me because I'm a bit shocked by that.

You have a response from a Microsoft official stating in a ticket that Microsoft no longer supports Yammer REST API?

Is that a fact?
Sorry to be so blunt about that but it sounds too bad to be true ;(

Thanks & Cheers

Microsoft PG and Support team is guarded in the language they use. They have not called it as “deprecated” or “not supported” explicitly in email, but refused to fix the REST API bugs.  


Microsoft is asking us to consider using Yammer Data Export API instead of Yammer REST API.


How many new changes or enhancements to Yammer API V1 have we seen in past 3-4 years? It indicates the direction things are going.