HTTP POST new post not able to add image

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Using HTTP POST to create a new post in All Company function as expected, except the image (attached_objects[]) is not added to the new post.

The image is already uploaded to the corresponding All Company SharePoint site.
Selecting Yammer > Settings > Export Data creates a CSV file with two ids for the image file: id and file_id. I've tried both ids in the HTTP POST below (e.g 1164502745088), but no image is added to the Yammer post.


  "message_type": "announcement",

  "is_rich_text": "true",

  "title": "Kunngjøring med bilde test 6.7",

  "body": "Dette er linje 1<br>linje 2<br><a href=''>Julekalender</a>.",

  "topic1": "julekalender",

  "attached_objects[]": "uploaded_file:1164502745088"


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