HTTP 403 when trying to retrieve topics and topic related messages from Yammer REST API

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We are currently facing an issue trying to retrieve message about topics or even topics themselves via the endpoints






When I replace the parameters by a valid ID and call the resulting URL, I just receive a HTTP 403 response.

This happens even just after retrieving a new token via MSAL. We can call other endpoints just fine. At the moment, only the endpoints mentioned above are causing issues.

I also logged in to Yammer (so I have a token cookie) and opened the URLs in my browser, to make sure that this is not a MSAL token issue.
This results in exactly the same error. I can retrieve messages by group just fine (/messages/in_group/:group_id.json), but the issue regarding topics and messages about specific topics still persists.


Do you know by any chance what might cause this issue? Thanks!




I noticed that the undocumented /tags/:Tag_ID.json returns the expected result.

But I can't figure out the respective endpoint for returning messages with a specific tag...

I was expecting something like /messages/about_tag/:Tag_ID.json but that returns just HTTP 404. I tried different combinations with the word "tag", but nothing works.

Is such an endpoint even available?

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