How to "bulk delete" users from a Yammer Group


Just had a great conversation in the old Yammer office 365 network and wanted to share it. Here's a screen grab (Windows Edge Note) of the whole conversation as a JPG. I hope this helps someone. Thanks @Benjamin Elias and @Tom Kretzmer for your help on this one. BulkDeleteUsersFromYammerGroup.jpg

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Someone really needs to write a "scrape this Yammer thread" Chrome plug in. Expand the replies, walk the DOM, grab the text, output something clean and readable. I can think of 3-4 use cases for this right off the top of my head. Anyone want to be my dev? I'll be designer/PM :) 

Ha you may be joking but I was just thinking about this myself ;) Maybe I can work on this next week.

Any ideas you already collected?

Not joking at all...

  • Chrome plug in should be a one-click button that "lights up" whenever the URL matches the pattern "[string]/#/Threads/show?threadId=..."
  • Clicking the button would then "crawl" the DOM, looking for and activating the "previous replies" link repeatedly until it doesn't exist anymore.
  • It would then search for each of the following classes and gather the contents: 
    • yj-hovercard-link--name
    • yj-message-timestamp yj-message-attributes--time
    • yj-message-list-item--body-message yj-message
    • yj-ogo-attachment--title-link (there might be better ways to grab the images / links)
  • Put the contents to the clipboard or to a new page so they can be previewed and copied.

This is all client-side to make it easy, as you don't have to register the app with Yammer and use authenticated APIs, etc. If you are up to creating an actual Yammer app as part of a plug in, you wouldn't have to do DOM crawling and could just use the API to retrieve the thread text and images, then format in a new copy-friendly page. Which one is less work / better result would depend on your own dev experience.

I'm on it. Reporting back next Wednesday with a first version.

Chris, so sorry but I got caught up in a project. I'm already running a good prototype.

Unfortunately it's too late to catch valuable content from the already vanished Yammer Network :(


What's also a pity is that I will stop posting in these forums until everything around logins/identities is settled and out of beta.

Once my apparently 3 identities are combined and I'm able to post under my original account I will continue contributing to this formerly great community.

@Amy Dolzine 

i cant see the image its too small can you paste it larger please