How to permanently delete retained data stored in Yammer

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I am a Yammer network admin, our data retension is Soft Delete, from this link ,

it mentioned: 

Retained data stored in Yammer can be permanently deleted by using the Yammer Developer API. To do this you export the data to identify the data that needs to be permanently deleted, and then write a custom PowerShell script to loop through the specific items to delete.


I can use API to export the soft deleted messages, but when I want to permanently delete it, the response is 400, Bad Request;


The api I used is, _method=DELETE


Could you give me some suggestion? 

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I also noticed the same for the REST API, but my error is 404 (seems contradict to the article that soft-deleted messages can be deleted by API).


This may be a Microsoft Teams API bug. Can someone from Microsoft help to confirm?