How to Get "Recent Activity" in an Export: Solution

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My question came from this: I run a couple External Networks, and lurker metrics are notoriously harder to get than for Home Networks. I wanted to see how many people were viewing my YamJam Summary Note. While I can see in the Recent Activity ticker that "Persons A, B, and 53 others" viewed my Note, I'm not able to look at that ticker 24/7. How can I get the Recent Activity feed in an export?

The solution came from @Benjamin Elias and @John Ricketts. This should work for Home Networks too!

--For immediate, same-day activity, paste this URL right into your browser as you're sitting on your network's home page:

OR to go back in time for a few days, append a count: ?count=x, where x is the number of items you want to retrieve. By default, it may be set to 40 if it is not given. You can try different amounts. I generally do this one:

--When you get the mass of code, copy all of it and paste it into here:

or here:

And download the .csv to open in Excel.

From there, I can slice, dice, and search for exactly what I want--such as a YamJam Summary Note. Grab the number at the end of the URL on your note or file and do a Ctrl-F on your document to see who's viewing and who's downloading. Even if you don't look up the usernames, you can get a count.

Your tool of choice can depend on how much data you have. I also am not sure if either of the above tools really returns all the data I think I'm pulling. So it's best not to wait too long to check on the success of a file or note.

And it's worth mentioning that it's not easy to get YamJam metrics if you have a bunch of lurkers, so making sure you provide something for people to click on helps you just as much as it helps them.

Here's a lot more from John:

There are many more querystring parameters that could be applied. Hit F12, and look in the NETWORK tab. Click the play button to switch logging on and refresh the home page. You will see all the calls that Yammer makes: Look for the streams and you will see just how many other querystring parameters there are ... e.g.

[I didn't do this next part, but you might find it more useful than the route I'm going.]

You can also get Excel to connect directly to the XML output produced by a Yammer API.

In a blank Excel sheet, click the Data tab, click From Other Sources in the Get External Data group, click From XML Data Import from the drop down list, and in the File name: box, instead of a file on your computer or network, paste the Yammer API, except replace the final .json with .xml. e.g. ... and click Open.

So long as you have IE or Edge already logged into your target Yammer network, Excel should use the same underlying connection to pull data directly from the Yammer API XML feed.

If the connection is successful, you will get an Excel dialog box stating that "The specified XML source does not refer to a schema. Excel will create a schema based on the XML source data." - click OK, choose where you want the output to be located, and you should get a tabular list of the API output, and, crucially, it is a dynamic link - just click the Refresh All button in the Data tab to get an up to date output.

There are ways to make the import a bit better, by creating your own XML maps to tell Excel exactly how to treat the incoming data stream.

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