How to Export the Members of a Group into a Spreadsheet

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One need that came up in the old IT Pro network was exporting the membership of a Yammer group into a spreadsheet.  There are several methods, including calling the well documented APIs, one based on group and the other based on exports


When it originally came up, I composed the guide attached to this post, based on the first API I mentioned above.  Honestly this is something any administrator is capable of doing; you don't really need to be some big engineer.


Since then, I've learned that instead of using JSON, you can use XML and open the files directly in Excel and convert to a spreadsheet.  It's really not complicated, and if/when I get the time I'll update the document and post it here.


I encourage others to note their solutions as well, as they are excellent.  @Antoine Snow, @Joe Francis, and @Julian Knight, would you please be so kind as to add your thoughts to this thread for cohesiveness?

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To add to this - 


For those who would like to get a bit more out of their data exports, utilizing PowerBI in conjunction with the export method outlined by @Tom Kretzmer is extremely powerful. 


You can use the excel spreadsheet as a data set that you can then manipulate the raw data and create visualizations based on the content. It does require the creation of relationships between the data points, but once that's done PowerBI will give you so much more out of your data. 


Dashboards can also be created surrounding this data and shared out with the appropriate admins/users/etc.


For additional information, check out this article.


It's a tad bit dated but contains the basis behind everything discussed above. I personally vouch for this as this is what I've implemented in my company.


Thanks to Tom for starting this thread! I hope I've helped.

@Antoine Snow

I checked out the article that you sent and on the surface it looks great but none of the links appear to work anymore.

Any ideas?