Group page view analytics?

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I had a group owner ask if they can get a report of how many people visited their group (and took no action in the group).


I know I can get analytics for things like posting, reading files, liking, etc.. but I don't see any way to get a report of just visiting the group.  I have looked the third party tools, the Yammer API, the Office 365 management API, and the Office 365 admin center reports and don't see anything. 


Any ideas?


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This is also something I am looking for. We can use this to implement corporate retention policies and clean up threads that go outside of our retention periods.
Are you looking for lurkers? I think #TyGraph is able to report on this.

Unfortunately I don't think they do....


They build their dash off the API. There's currently none for views? I would love to be corrected here and how they're doing it. I know it's being captured somewhere, as the O365 Yammer portal displays how many "reads" a user does.... perhaps a hidden API?

Thanks @Diane Kennedy for mentioning tyGraph. Victor, you are correct about"reads" specifically, No one outside of Microsoft can get that. I am not aware of any way to get what you are specifically asking for. I will say, we collect, report, analyze a number of other measures that CMs use to help measure engagement. 


Regarding Mike's question, that is possible with our solution. We filter Group activity by date and then give you a link to that Group's Group Setting page for further action. Just wanted to let you know it is possible. 


Great questions by the way.