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For the past few months, I've been using the GET /messages/my_feed.json API endpoint to get new messages for groups the user is following both public and private. The API is now returning different data. 

After some testing, I've noticed that I get all the messages posted by the users in any of the groups they're following and messages that are posted as replies to their message or threaded group.

Was a change made to the API?

I'm looking for a way I can get all messages for groups that I'm following like I did prior with the GET /messages/my_feed.json endpoint.

Thak you guys in advanced.



Update: Once I post to a thread in a group I then get the messages via the API. Prior as long as I was following the group (As the documentation states) I would get the messages.

Update: GET messages/following.json is not working as expected either.

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I have a similar issue. Starting a couple of days ago, not all posts from Yammer Groups are appearing in our Yammer embed. Now, only the All Company posts appear. Before, any posts from groups that users are a member of would appear.

Hey Tom,

Just wondering if you have made any advances on this issue?

Any news on this?