API to update profile photo programatically

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Is there any api available to update the user yammer profile photo programatically.


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I would also be interested in this functionality

On Yammer : No API or easy way to make this

On Office365 : Yes, there is API to update end user profile


I am advicing you to focus on Office365 / User Profile, in the background, Yammer Team are working to sync Office365 user photo => Yammer user photo. Don't expect something perfect at the beginning, but I believe this is the right way to focus. 


At given stage, the Yammer User Profiel should fully disapear to be replace by Office365 one, by waiting this, the 2 user profile running in // and more we are progressing more O365 User Profile Metadata => are sync => Yammer User Profile.

Hi Eric,

Thanks for your responce, It helps a lot.


Is there any timeline when O365 sync photo to Yammer.


Also, do you have the API details for the O365 photo update.




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mid-August 2016, @Angus Florance said 


User profile picture sync from Office 365 to Yammer:
Yammer will sync Office 365 profile pictures for users that do not currently have a Yammer picture set for their profile at login. Read more about managing Yammer users across their life cycle from Office 365.


source : https://network.office.com/t5/Yammer/Some-Yammer-Updates-in-August/m-p/6107/highlight/true#M415

We are using Azure AD Connect to sync AD profiles. Thumbnail pictures are flowing into Azure AD but not into Yammer when the user first logs on. Additionally changing a user's Delve or o365 picture does not update Yammer. Anybody else seeing this?

As noted in @Eric JENOUVRIER's post above, the replication from O365 into Yammer only operates if a picture has never been configured for the Yammer user.  It does not overwrite / update an existing Yammer user.  This allows people, if they choose, to have a picture for their Yammer profile different from their Office 365 picture.


Also, when a person first logs on is when the account actually completes the creation / provision process.  So the picture should be available shortly thereafter (next log on or next day).