Yammer Reactions are now inclusive

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We believe that Yammer, a tool that connects people and helps build communities, has an important role to play for a sense of belonging and inclusion. And we don’t want to simply build for inclusivity, we want to celebrate it.


Recently Yammer introduced reactions, and next, we want to bring diverse skin tones to Yammer reactions. We want users to feel a deeper sense of representation when interacting with the new Yammer. Once you select your skin tone (settings available both on web and mobile!), you can react quickly without having to decide every time you reply!


Reaction Picker v2.gif


Yammer will be the first of the Microsoft 365 products to offer inclusive reactions. We are excited to lead the charge with other product groups at Microsoft in keeping inclusivity at the center of everything we do.


Inclusive for all


Being able to select your skin tones for reactions that you use to interact in conversations is just the first step in seeking inclusivity for Yammer. We want to build features that help all our users feel included and empowered. When designing this feature, we ensured reactions with skin-tones work on both light and dark mode, so users with varying abilities can use this feature as expected. Additionally, we looked beyond our team, to seek input from members of the various employee groups to ensure our proposal was honed by diverse perspectives.


Steps in the journey of inclusivity


Inclusivity is a process, in life and in products. We can take small steps in the right direction today, to build a more inclusive world for tomorrow. And I feel such a deep sense of pride, to know that we are committed to making inclusivity a way of life, through everything we do and everything we build at Yammer.

General availability starts now!


Inclusive reactions are starting to roll out and will be available to all users globally soon.


Here’s how to select a skin tone:

  1. Go to Yammer Settings (click on the gear icon on the suite header while in Yammer web; click on your avatar at the top left corner if you are on mobile).

  2. Click Choose your skin tone for reactions.
    skin tone reactions.jpg

  3. Select a skin tone and click OK to save your preferences.

  4. Find a conversation and hover on the like button! And voila! See your skin tone preferences the next time you select a reaction!


Learn more about this via our support page.


- Trisharti Ghosh
Trisharti Ghosh is a Product Manager at Microsoft, and is focusing on conversations in Yammer.


Great update!

Senior Member

Will this be available also in the communities app in Teams setting?


Hey @Bernie Murtagh!  While the option to select a skin tone through the Settings panel is currently only available in the native Yammer web and mobile experience, once you pick a skin tone, your preferences will appear in the communities app in Teams.

Senior Member

Great stuff, thanks Trisharti!


I was excited to see this feature arrive on on screen's today and posted to show its arrival.

The onscreen prompt to set the skin tone choice states "Change skin tone" and it has been suggested by one of our members that this "goes against the objective of celebrating diversity by accepting the skin tone each person already has"

@Ray Harrison "Change" is a functional description of the Yammer implementation. It is not intended to imply that anyone should want to change their actual skin color.


"Select a skin color" likely would have been a better way to phrase this, which the whole intent is to allow people to celebrate the diversity of skin color rather than having everyone using the same "yellow" skin.


@Ray Harrison Thank you so much for this great piece of feedback! Like @Kevin Crossman mentioned, 'Change' was meant to be a functional description but this is good feedback, and I am taking this back to the team to explore solutions on how we can do better here. Thank you once again @Ray Harrison  and @Kevin Crossman, and please keep the feedback coming!

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