Yammer in 2018: Celebrating 10-years of customer success
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2018 was a milestone year for us at Yammer. This year we celebrated the 10-year anniversary of Yammer and we’re extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished with our customers in that time. We’re grateful for our customers and how you all have been able to demonstrate how Yammer creates a platform for culture transformation within your organizations. We continue to hear from many of you how Yammer is THE place to make new connections, learn new things, and build a vibrant company culture. 




Take Shell, for example, where more than 79,000 employees use Yammer to foster a company-wide dialogue about driving efficiencies and how to evolve in a rapidly changing business climate. Firstline workers can reach out to a network of their peers to solve problems and share successes at a global scale. 


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This past year, we also heard how UNICEF uses Yammer to support its mission to empower everyone in their organization to save the lives of children, defending their rights, and helping them fulfill their potential. It’s incredibly inspiring to hear stories of how UNICEF employees are connecting across their vast employee network. Team members discuss topics like how they’re improving access to clean water in schools across the world. They also share best practices on emergency-management strategies. Yammer has enabled a global organization of over 14,000 employees that speak more than 5 languages the ability to connect across geographic boundaries and support their important mission. 


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At Kimberly Clarkone of their most popular groups is their Grocery group. Employees from across the company use the Yammer mobile app to post pictures of what is happening in the field. It’s been amazing for creating engagement for their firstline employeesKC’s “I’m Stuck” group let’s employees crowdsource challenges they’re facing with products and swarm issues they’re faced with Issue resolution time has gone down across the board because KC employees share their work openly and are solving problems in more transparent ways. 


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Thank you to all our amazing customers for continuing to build employee cultures that are more open, more curious, and more connected. We continue to be inspired by your passion and energy. 


From a product perspective, YES, we're absolutely investing in Yammer! 


We continue to make progress towards a more integrated experience between Yammer and Office 365. We don't think our work is done yet.   


We're excited about upcoming releases such as Live Events which will bring the power of Microsoft Stream to Yammer. We’ve started rolling out the new Yammer Conversations Web Part for SharePoint, which will be a great improvement for our many customers with SharePoint based Intranets. Our Yammer Tab for Teams will make working in Teams and keeping "tabs" on Yammer conversations much more seamless. We're beginning to roll out the capability for files uploaded to Yammer to automatically be stored in a SharePoint document library. A feature that will benefit both our IT friends, but is also valuable for end users as they will be able to access and share those files from many more places across the Office 365 suite.   




And for our friends in Europe, we're working hard to bring local data residency to your Yammer networks. We know that trust, security, and ownership of your data is important. By the second half of 2019, we'll be introducing this new capability to our European customers.  


This is just a snapshot of things that our product and engineering teams are working on. We have a few other surprises up our sleeves, as well.  


I want to thank everybody that's been associated with Yammer for last 10 years. Yammer's 10th anniversary celebration is not just for Yammer but more importantly for our customers. For those of you who have been with us from the beginning, and to our newest customers, we thank you for inspiring us to do what we do. We really appreciate your passion for Yammer and for making Yammer better. Thank you. 



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