What’s new with Yammer – January 2022
Published Jan 21 2022 09:00 AM 12.9K Views

This past month introduced several capabilities to find new communities, consume content, and engage in conversations in your communities. Here’s a list of what’s new for Yammer. 


Suggested Communities and People to follow 

We want you to discover communities and conversations that matter to your work. Yammer will suggest communities and followers based on previous interactions.  Find and join new communities and follow people right from your feed.  


Suggested communities and people to followSuggested communities and people to follow

Stay connected to your communities  

We discovered that less than 1% of our community managers have subscribed to their communities via email – which is the only way they can receive notifications when there are new posts! We launched an in-feed tip to engage Community Managers to be alerted of new posts so they can continue to encourage likes, replies, and views within their communities.  


And currently rolling out, when there is a new conversation within a community, the default sort order is 'recent activity'. And if there are no new conversations, the default sort order is 'recent posts'. You can switch the sort order at any time. 


Community sort and new notificationssCommunity sort and new notificationss


New User Profile page 

We’ve updated the profile page cover photo, followers/following, and joined communities. This redesign resembles the community pages in Yammer. You can now click to your profile page from the left navigation pane. And coming soon, you’ll be able to customize your profile cover photo.  

Enhanced profile pageEnhanced profile page



Edit Topics  

Topic creators can edit the name and description of topics. Previously, only network admins could make edits to a topic. You will be able to add a description to a topic when you add a new topic to a conversation or at a later time via the Yammer topic page. 


Edit topicsEdit topics


Cross-geo external collaboration support on Yammer External Networks for the EU 

Members from Yammer networks located in the European Union will soon be able to be invited to Yammer External Networks hosted by a Yammer network located in the United States. We will begin rolling this out in mid-February and expect to complete rollout in late March. Learn more about this upcoming change here. 


Communities Expiry Autorenewal of Microsoft 365 Groups  

Yammer activity is now included in activity-based automatic renewal of Microsoft 365 Groups. When a user has viewed a post within a Yammer community, including viewing the Yammer posts through actionable emails, the community will automatically renew group expiration. Additionally, auto-renewal would trigger when someone posts, reacts or any file activity happens from within the community. This change will be rolled out by the end of January. 


What’s coming soon?   

See what else Yammer has planned on the public roadmap and keep an eye on this blog for more news, updates, and best practices relating to Yammer and communities in Microsoft 365. 

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