We've Been Listening—Updates to Your Yammer Notifications

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Based on ongoing research, we’re excited to announce some changes to Yammer group notifications that will help users stay on top of their groups, get timely answers to questions, and discover more interesting content across the network. 

Stay current on your Yammer conversations
We've been getting feedback that people are not getting answers to their questions in a timely manner.  We've recognized this is partially due to the week-long lag before some members get notified of conversations in their Yammer groups. The result is that we are moving away from the old, weekly digest of group content. Beginning in July, the weekly digest will be no longer be an option, as we migrate users to the daily digest which will have more fresh content. For further questions, please refer to the FAQ below. 

Discover more across your network
In addition to helping users get more timely answers to their questions on Yammer, we've also heard that people want to be able to discover what's going on across their organization. To support this, we’ve recently launched a new weekly email that captures trending content from across the entire organization, separate from the conversations already happening in your Yammer groups. We're excited to continue investing here and would love to hear from you.  If you're interested in providing specific feedback on the new weekly discovery email, please let us know here.

Reducing complexity from old features
Lastly, in taking a look at the user data, we've seen increasingly little usage in the "Email Me" feature and decided to make some changes. During the test phase, we found that there were some users that used this feature to access the thread later. In response to that use case, we added the option to copy the thread URL from the overflow menu. This feature has already seen significantly more usage than Email Me, which we now plan to remove. The result of this analysis is that we’ve delivered a new feature "Copy to Clipboard" that solves a deep user need and eliminated a feature that was not used that much.

Thanks from your PM Team
Thank you all for your ongoing feedback throughout our development process. Please continue to engage with us on UserVoice or through the tech community here. We listen to your suggestions and seek to understand patterns in your needs.  After hearing your suggestions, we engage in tests and take a data-based approach at making changes whether that is removing an old feature or delivering a new one. 

Care to share your thoughts about your Yammer experience generally?  Our design research team is always looking for research participants!  If you're interested in participating, please sign up here



FAQ for Weekly Digest Deprecation:

Q: What does this mean for your users who have previously signed up for Weekly Digest?
A: If they were subscribed to a weekly digest of content from their groups, they’ll see a banner in that email letting them know that we’ll soon be migrating them to the daily digest and deprecating that weekly email. 

Q: What if I've selected the Never option?
A: There will be no change for anyone who has set their digest setting to “Never.” They will not get any digest from content to their groups.

Q: What if I don't want a daily digest of my group content?
A: We’ll only send you a digest when there’s new or updated conversations in your group that you haven’t seen from the previous work day. Of course, you can always update your settings to stop receiving this digest.

Q: What about this weekly email with conversations from groups I'm not in?
A: That's the new weekly Discovery email, not your groups digest. If you want to unsubscribe from that, go to your settings page and uncheck the box "here are interesting threads I've missed (weekly)"

Q: I need more notifications for my groups. Is there a real-time option?
A: You can always subscribe to a group via email from either the group page or the notification settings page. Additionally, we’re building this feature for mobile push notifications as well. If you would like more information or would like to provide feedback for this feature, please let us know here.


Written by Sharon Lin and Anna Marie Clifton

Great news Sharon Lin with daily digests, that will push more on usage on Yammer !
New Contributor


Dear Yammer Team,


While I can see the benefit of the new Weekly Discovery email it is inappropriate for my network of 2000 users.


While I understand that a benefit of Office365 is that our users benefit from new features without SysAdmin labour, this SysAdmin spends his Monday mornings reading the Weekly Digest of Office 365 changes to see what he has to turn off this week (unlimited External Sharing last week!!!!).  Please consider our needs and publish tools we need to do this at the same time as adding the feature.


  • Please tell me how to turn off this feature in the Admin UI or with PowerShell




Super Contributor

Yammer lacks options for admins to override user preferences historically so this will likely be a user education issue.




New Contributor

Oh dear. I already have people suggesting I turn it off because Teams will supersede it. This will annoy them further.


What is the point of Yammer now we have Teams?

Super Contributor

By that argument why did we need Teams we already had Office 365 Groups, right?


I support teams of people with different styles and these tools offer them choices. Helping them make that choice is the big challenge.


But fundamentally Yammer is a community tool for large groups and Teams is going to work far better for small groups that work in almost real-time since it is chat based.



New Contributor

"But fundamentally Yammer is a community tool for large groups and Teams is going to work far better for small groups that work in almost real-time since it is chat based."


That makes some sort of sense. However in a school Teams is being targeted at classes of 30 children so I hope it scales. Not many of our Yammer groups are bigger than this ... The "real-time" thing works for me though


If I come across any helpful content in on this topic I will update this thread.

Super Contributor

We have similar small groups in Yammer (not classes but groups of students) but also larger groups like All Students, All Staff, etc. Not unusual for us to have groups of 200-800 people which would not work in Teams.

New Contributor
@Geofferey Bronner - What do you use those big groups for? What are people actually posting and talking about? Or is it just for Announcements? I am very interested, my Yammer network is fairly dead but I am reluctant to invest in growing it because I don't have clear vision of how people can gain value from it other than in the very specific teaching use cases.
Super Contributor

We are a full-time graduate MBA program so we have use among students for collaboration in professional clubs. There is certainly a communications/marketing aspect to it. We limit use of school-wide email by poicy but other channels like Yammer have no limits.


Some of our sevice organizations have open groups for comments and requests for transparency.


We have community groups for community service activities, lost and found, items for sale, etc.



New Contributor

"Some of our sevice organizations have open groups for comments and requests for transparency."


That really works for me. I am a firm believer that "culture follows process", such a process could help drive beneficial change.


Super Contributor

I think it does. It isn't always fun, you can imagine what the open group for our IT Help Desk can be like some days, but even that has value.



Not applicable

Do you have any exact dates on when these changes will happen (most importantly the introduction of the weekly discovery email and shift to daily digests).

Not applicable

Can people opt out of the discovery email if they wish?


@Deleted - Yes, people can opt out of the discovery email if they would like.  They can unsubscribe in the email footer, or by going to their notification settings page and unchecking.  The weekly discovery email has already been launched.  The shift to daily digest will be a phased roll out beginning Wednesday, July 5th.

Not applicable

Great, thanks for the reply Sharon.

New Contributor

@Sharon Lin Are you considering notifications on #level  as well? Seems like an good idea to me since discussion with the same content can pop-up in multiple groups. If I could set a notification on the # I want it would be very easy to follow certain discussions over mulitiple groups.

Not applicable

Daily emails are spam, for some of us. I can understand the addition of the "Daily" choice but why the "removal" of an existing choice?


Hi @Sharon Lin


Notifications seem not to follow any logic currently! Couple of questions:


1) I have received weekly "Discover what's happening acroos your organization" since this May, but it is not weekly. Since May I have received only 4 weekly digest emails, why is that?


2) Where in the Yammer settings you can turn ON/OFF the weekly discovery email? In the email itself there is unsubscribe link but what about in the Yammer UI?


3) Why am I receiving emails if someone else is posting to a group, even though the email settings are as follows:Yammer email settings.png



Not applicable

@Teemu Strand, I believe the option to turn off the daily digest is that top box of "There are updates from my groups (daily)." 


(I was wondering the same thing and that's what I'm assuming.) 



Is there a specific setting to receive daily digests for external groups? I've noticed that my daily Updates email contains posts from all internal groups, however never lists anything for an external group I belong to (I've confirmed the external group has daily activity)





Boy it's getting tough to get our organization to adopt Yammer with these changes. As stated above, the daily Yammer notification is considered spam by most. I don't understand why there couldn't be an option to choose a daily or weekly notification. As we work towards this adoption while trying to reduce the noise of information as a large organization, this change has made a lot of our employees frustrated and even angry.


Our intent is to use Yammer as a corporate communication/collaboration channel for some topics, but obviously some people's behaviours aren't to actively check their feed. The weekly digest was a perfect means to slowly transition people into a behaviour change and still get value from the community. 


The other frustration is the need for users to have to opt out of new features deemed to value the user by Microsoft. Most of our employees have told us they aren't interested in discovering other groups - they're capable of doing it themselves and asking our thousands of employees to continually manage their settings to opt out of these features does not land well with our employees. 

Occasional Contributor

 We are experiencing problems with notifications from a specific Yammer-group. 


I have marked in the settings for notifications that I want an email-notification when somebody posts something in a specific group. Most of the time I do get a notification, but NOT ALWAYS. 


This is not good enough. We must be able to rely on the function, or else we might need to go back to email in Outlook. That would really be a big step back as we are after a lot of resistance finally getting the users to use Yammer, instead om emailing everything. 


So, can I report this to somewhere? Would appreciate a comment from responsible at MS. 


Best regards, /Jonna

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