[Watch on-demand] Meet the New Yammer Webinar, March 2020
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Thursday, March 5, 9:00–10:00 AM Pacific Time zone


Join the Yammer product team as we dive deeper into the new Yammer – a completely redesigned UI packed with new features and integrations. This webinar will focus on the new interface including the Outlook integration for Outlook on the web, Live Events, the recently available Native Mode, and eDiscovery capabilities. Attendees will also have the opportunity for Q&A with the Yammer engineering + marketing team to help prepare for the arrival of the new Yammer.


Download the slide deck here


Webinar Questions and Answers


New Yammer


Is native mode a prerequisite to the "new yammer", or is it simply part of new yammer?    Native mode is not necessary in order to get the new Yammer experience, but it does provide other benefits like Files stored in SharePoint.


When is the GA for the new Yammer?      

May/June, but you can test it via the new Outlook on the web integration, and the new Yammer for Teams app (coming next month). These are both "born on the new Yammer". The new Yammer app will also have the new styling (coming late March/early April)


When will we see the new Yammer experience on EU tenants?        

May/June, but you can test it via the new Outlook on the web integration, and the new Yammer for Teams app (coming next month). These are both "born on the new Yammer". The new Yammer app will also have the new styling (coming late March/early April).


When will we see the new Yammer experience on México tenants?       

It will begin rolling out worldwide in May/June


Will external users be allowed in the new Yammer beta?

Communities with external users will be able to see the new Yammer features. External networks will not get the new Yammer styling (yet).


As an early tester I have noticed that the universal search bar only works when on the feed page. Will there be controls on that later to also be universal when in the individual communities?       

We're working on improving this. Search is still in the process of coming to the new Yammer.


Who can enable the New Yammer experience? Can any network admin do it, or does it have to be our Tenant admin?         

Currently the New Yammer is in preview stage. If your company is a part of that preview program, your tenant admin would be able to have the New Yammer toggle switched on for a select set of users. Once we are finished with the Preview Program, when we GA, all Yammer users would be able to see the New Yammer toggle which would be Off by Default, and the user can switch it on. There is no network/tenant admin action required.


Can we respond to specific comments in a thread?           

You can! There is not a "threaded reply" but by selecting a specific comment it will "reply to" that author.


Having MS Teams & Yammer in our organization, as the Admin, how do direct user’s which platform to use?    

"Microsoft Teams is for teamwork and projects (example: I know Ravin and Kasia and we need to have meetings, collaborate on files, and chat).

Yammer is for organization-wide conversations, open sharing, finding expertise and answers, building communities around job topic or interest, and company culture. It's where you go for the ""rest of work"" that isn't just your tasks on the job description. "


Can we see who liked? and who have seen a certain message?       

You can see you has liked a message. You view the seen counts.


Are there any improvements on the metrics available by default in Yammer?        

Not yet but this is something that is on our radar. Once communicators and leaders have these features, we understand that they will need to understand their impact and are looking at the best ways to make it easy to measure that.


I've had issues where I cannot see all the previous comments when I click on the previous comments link, am I doing something wrong or is there a noted bug?           

Please report this as bug via our support channels.


The Yammer app (desktop) is going to be upgrade too? maybe to add more value than the web site version.         

We are very seriously looking into this. No timeline yet.


Can I choose the order of my groups?      

At this point you will be able to favorite you top ten. I think the ability to arrange is coming.


Will ability to set default post type (i.e. Q&A) for a community be supported at launch?         

At this point, questions are default for events. Beyond this we are scoping out now for the future.


What will be the future about the way to invite some externals users inside some groups and or may do some junction with different tenant?? (because of the end of NLG Access and some needs with large organizations)          

We're looking into this currently focusing on Azure B2B as an external collaboration option.


Is there a way to set your preferred language on the mobile app? i.e. All content translates to Spanish.

Each user can set their language preferences for Yammer. You will see a translate button for all other languages.


Could we parameter unallowed words to use in Yammer in order to moderate conversations?

You can do this today in the Admin panel under Monitor Keywords. 




I do not see the new UI option in my tenant. When will it be available for testing?       

You can test it via the new Outlook on the web integration, and the new Yammer for Teams app (coming next month). These are both "born on the new Yammer". The new Yammer will land later this spring (May/June). Please open a support ticket if new Yammer messages aren't interactive in Outlook on the web.


I'm hoping the send to inbox option is switched on by default because trying to get the message out to people to switch it on will be painful        

Yes, it will be on by default. But I must confess that our old emails were not the best experience and seemed noisy and lacking context. Due to this some of our users have switched off email notifications from Yammer :( I would recommend sending an announcement to your org about this new feature and requesting people to switch the notifications back on! :)


Are the Outlook integrations only on OWA right now? Most of our users are still using the local, desktop app on Windows & Mac.

Yes, they are now 100% rolled out in OWA -- coming to desktop and mobile next quarter


Does the OWA Function work With Hybrid environment where the mailbox is onprem?        

Not yet. But it's coming to desktop and mobile next quarter so I would imagine it would be supported then. Stay tuned!


If the announcement is read inside Outlook, does it collect the info in analytics?

Yes, it does.


We are trying to make people spend less time in Outlook. I hope this new feature will not challenge this :thinking_face:      

We have a Yammer App for Teams coming soon if they are working in Teams. Outlook is where a lot of employees worldwide spend their time getting work done.

I may have missed it, but when it comes to announcements, would a push notification to email still happen even if they have all notifications switched off from their settings?

No, it would still send then a Yammer message within their Yammer inbox, but not in email if they have toggled off notifications.


Live Events, Video, Stream


Do the events get added to the outlook calendar? or is there a way to add them to calendars from Yammer?           

We are scoping this functionality NOW! Today, you can copy the event URL and create a calendar invite in Outlook. In the future we're looking to enable you to send an invite and add events directly to Outlook from Yammer.


Live events in Yammer are through Stream?        

On the backend, Live Events in Yammer leverage Stream. It provides numerous benefits including security, easy sharing, auto transcription, searchable transcripts, etc. It's the video engine that powers the viewing experience.


Could this (Live events) replace other 3rd Party apps such as Zoom, GoTo. etc.? Teams is great for internal, but not external users.           

Teams Live Events supports external attendees, in fact, we are using a Live Event in Teams for this webinar. It could absolutely replace your 3rd party investments like Zoom (and it's included in your Office 365 subscription already!)


Are Yammer live event Webinars limited to internal users only?    

In Yammer and Stream Live Events, yes. But Live Events in Teams can have external attendees. In fact, this webinar is being powered by a Teams Live Event. It's simple, effective, and leverages tools you've already paid for (since it comes with M365/O365 enterprise at no additional cost)


How to have the supervision of the global interaction of all the live events running all together on the network and to have control?        

Tenant admins can view real time usage analytics for live events in Microsoft Teams admin center. The live event usage report shows the activity overview of the live events held in the organization. Admins can view event usage information, including event status, start time, views and production type. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/teams-live-events/what-are-teams-live-events


Common question we're getting from our AV re: Live Events is how to leverage Yammer Q&A and generating a share URL ahead of the meeting w/o making the event visible ahead of the meeting (feature they could do in Skype Broadcast).        

The new Events page is a URL that you can send to attendees before, during, and after. When creating the event, it includes a prompt to copy/paste/share the event URL.


Can Yammer be integrated with Stream for comments/conversations?  

Yes! We are looking into bringing the superpowers of Yammer into Stream and other M365 apps. We will share more on this when we can. When you host a Live Event in Yammer, the video is automatically housed in Stream and leverages Yammer conversations. Learn more: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/stream/live-event-m365


Where are video settings in Yammer controlled? Global Tenant Admin?         

Yes, the Verified Admin controls which types of videos can be added. All files must be under the 25MB limit. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/yammer/configure-your-yammer-network/configure-yammer


Native Mode


Is native mode a prerequisite to the "new yammer", or is it simply part of new yammer?    Native mode is not necessary in order to get the new Yammer experience, but it does provide other benefits like Files stored in SharePoint by default, eDiscovery, etc.


With Native mode, will it be possible to convert existing O365 groups to Yammer enabled groups?            

At this time an existing O365 Group cannot be connected to a Yammer group however existing Yammer groups can be connected to new O365 Groups automatically by running the Native Mode Alignment Tool.


How will existing internal groups that are shared with external users be handled when Native mode is enabled? Is there a tool that will allow for these groups to be migrated to an external network? Will the external users be kicked out of the network?

Today, if you enable Native Mode all guests will be removed. With Azure B2B (coming) you will be reinvited and able to keep the same "profile" and your legacy posts will appear to be attributed to you.


With the new UI for Yammer, and the reference to cards, has Microsoft kept regulatory retention obligations in mind? Meaning is the data retainable via Graph API or other mechanism?          

Yes, we are still part of M365 and are ensuring that we meet the trust standards our customers expect. We have "Native Mode" and eDiscovery now as well to ensure you have the compliance tools you need. Stay tuned for Adam's segment where he'll discuss this in detail.


Can we prevent the creation of groups, say through a roles permission system, within Yammer?            

Yes, if your network is in Native Mode you can set group creation policy from the admin center.



When will Native Mode be available for tenants that were in Yammer from years ago in order to move to the New Yammer? Cannot see this option in our tenant at this time. This link states "coming soon" but no expected date.

Native Mode for Yammer will be rolling out to existing customers over the next 1-2 months depending on the size of your network.


Will guests in the tenant be able to use Yammer in Native mode?

No, Native Mode only applies to connected communities which cannot have external members


Where can we access the Alignment Report?       

Within the Admin Portal in Yammer


Can you please say something to data residency? When will there be the option to choose the region/country of Yammer data residency?         

Data residency for new networks is now available for the EU geo. Learn more: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/Yammer/manage-security-and-compliance/data-residency 




Will the Yammer API change with these new developments? We are currently integrating Yammer in a custom way on our intranet, using the API's.

We have a v1 API today for Yammer documented at https://developer.yammer.com which contains endpoints for many operations in Yammer. There are no immediate plans to share about updates to the v1 API. If there are specific actions you are looking for, then please share those details.


Any changes in the 'files' section? You received a lot of feedback about the need to have the possibility to organize files in folders inside Yammer. Is this a new feature in the new Yammer?   

Files are now stored in SharePoint (for connected communities). Check out our recent blog post: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/yammer-blog/new-files-uploaded-to-office-365-connected-yammer... For existing files in non-connected communities, Native Mode with help with migration to SP. Files uploaded to Yammer Groups that are connected to an Office 365 Group will automatically go to SharePoint. Once you are in Native Mode all your communities will be connected and thus all the files will go to SharePoint.


Can you elaborate on the difference between a O365 group that is created within i.e. team’s vs a O365 group that is created within Yammer?      

When you create a Yammer community (and have Office 365 identity enforced) it will create an associated Office 365 Group along with a SharePoint site and a document library. Similarly, when you create a Team an Office 365 Group is created on the backend. The O365 Group on the backend just means that there is a shared set of policies, resources, and permissions happening automatically behind the scenes. "In front of the scenes" you get to pick whether you want a Team or a Yammer community or the other starting points. Learn more about Office 365 Groups: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/learn-about-office-365-groups-b565caa1-5c40-40ef-9915-60fdb...




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