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Yammer connects and engages employees across the organization. Last November, we announced an entirely new Yammer experience, delivering new capabilities and integrations that power leadership engagement, corporate communications, and knowledge sharing across Microsoft 365. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that the new Yammer is now generally available for all customers. We’re also excited to unveil several additional features to help your organizations get more out of Yammer and collaborate across companies.



What's new

Here are some of the capabilities in the new Yammer that make communities and conversations more impactful:

Build communities with Microsoft 365

  • Groups have been renamed communities
  • Pin your favorite communities for quick access
  • Add cover photos to your communities
  • Discover events in the new Events tab

Reach your audience across the organization

  • The Communities app for Microsoft Teams integrates the new Yammer into the hub for teamwork
  • Add Yammer conversations to any site or page with the new web part for SharePoint
  • Engage with Yammer conversations without leaving your Outlook inbox
  • Customize the All Company community by renaming it and adding a custom cover photo and avatar
  • Brand Yammer with your company logo on the Feed
  • Grab attention with new styling for polls, praise, and questions
    Add a custom cover photo, avatar, and name to your All CompanyAdd a custom cover photo, avatar, and name to your All Company

Empower anyone to be a communicator

  • Share questions, polls, and praise as announcements to notify community members
  • Pin important posts to the top of your communities
  • Apply formatting and attach gifs 
  • Share links with automatically-generated previews
  • Easily share files with the enhanced file picker that now includes recently used files
  • Spark engagement with polls, praise, and questions that are showcased in the conversation feed

Improved live events and video experience

  • Find and watch past, current, and upcoming live events in each community
  • Produce live events using your webcam and screen sharing
  • Host live events in the All Company community
    Engage with Q&A in live events across devicesEngage with Q&A in live events across devices

Discover and share across your network

  • Find relevant conversations, people and topics in the new, AI-powered discovery Feed
  • Filter conversations to find unanswered questions, all questions or all conversations
  • Use the updated suite bar to stay on top of notifications and search just as you would in other Microsoft 365 applications
  • Find out more about people with Microsoft 365 profile cards that give you contact information, organizational relationships, and easy access to shared content
    The Feed showing company branding and a variety of conversations in their new stylingThe Feed showing company branding and a variety of conversations in their new styling

Manage the content in communities with more control

  • Set the default publisher type to be a question
  • Report conversations
  • Close conversations that have come to a conclusion
  • Change a conversation to a question - Community managers will soon be able to convert a regular conversation into a question, if the person creating the post didn’t use the Question type when creating it. This can be helpful to draw attention to unanswered questions and also to enable additional functionality like “Mark best answer”.

Yammer mobile superpowers

Modern organizations require mobile solutions that help connect employees and move work forward – wherever that work is happening. The new Yammer is available on iOS and Android, with some added improvements, including:  

  • Dark Mode is now available for Yammer mobile. Whether you prefer light or dark, now you can pick your favorite theme on either iOS or Android. 
    dark mode.jpg
  • New mobile video sharing that helps you instantly capture, edit, apply filters, and publish compelling videos up to 3 minutes long right from mobile.

Microsoft Teams

The new Communities  app for Teams for the desktop and Teams Mobile are now generally available, helping everyone, including Firstline Workers and deskless employees stay connected, receive important updates and alerts, attend live events, and share feedback and ideas across teams and locations.

new Communities app for Microsoft Teams.png

Interactive conversations in Outlook

You can now engage with Yammer conversations directly from your Outlook inbox. See the full Yammer conversation, like, and reply directly from the email notification without having to switch applications or open a browser. 


Updated Yammer Conversations web part for SharePoint

A new Yammer web part is now available for SharePoint Online. With this update, your existing Yammer web part will automatically inherit the new Yammer styling and bring added features to your SharePoint sites and pages. Learn more.


Security and compliance

We’ve also added additional admin controls like Native Mode to help organizations better manage their data, privacy, security, and compliance needs. Learn more about Native Mode and how to prepare your Yammer Network for benefits like eDiscovery, local data residency and SharePoint file storage here.


Coming next

  • Featured Conversations – Yammer administrators can boost the visibility of critical messages in the Home feed by featuring the conversation to drive engagement.
    1featured conversations.png
  • External guests in Yammer communities – add people from outside your organization to your Yammer communities using Azure B2B, which ensures admins can manage user data, privacy, and compliance. This change will also enable communities with external guests to host live events, create custom policies for file storage and community creation, support local data residency and more.

Bring the new Yammer to your organization

Microsoft 365 Global Admins and verified Yammer Network Admins can configure access to the new Yammer through the Yammer admin portal. Admins can enable the toggle in the suite header and choose the default experience for their network: classic Yammer or the new Yammer. Learn more about enabling the new Yammer for your organization and see our detailed Frequently Asked Questions.

After an admin has enabled the new Yammer, users will access the new Yammer or switch back to classic using the toggle in the navigation bar.After an admin has enabled the new Yammer, users will access the new Yammer or switch back to classic using the toggle in the navigation bar.

Then people in your organization can use the toggle to switch between the new experience, and the classic experience in their home (canonical) networks. You will still see the classic Yammer experience in external networks. 


Announcing a new Yammer 'Ask Microsoft Anything' (AMA)

Bring all your questions and feedback about the new Yammer to this 'Ask Microsoft Anything' (AMA) on Thursday, July 23, 2020, 9:00-10:00 AM PT.  Members of the Yammer team will be online during this one-hour event to respond directly to your posts in the Yammer AMA discussion space.

New Yammer AMA.png

Add this event to your calendar


Check out these resources to help your organization get started and go deeper on what’s new and what’s possible with the new Yammer. We’re continuing to develop and release features as we optimize Yammer for communities, engagement, and knowledge sharing across Microsoft 365. We’ll have more to announce and show at Microsoft Ignite. In the meantime, follow our blog and catch us on Twitter. Stay tuned!


- Murali Sitaram,
GM of Yammer and Microsoft 365 Groups, Microsoft




Lots of great community management features landing in Yammer.

Respected Contributor

What does this mean for public yammer networks? like those for MS Partners?

Occasional Contributor

Hi team, I've got a couple of questions:

  1. I will not enable the new Yammer look only due to various reasons: inability to bookmark conversations, problem with admin permissions granting, and so on - that's why we still need to switch back to classic mode. When will the 'new Yammer' toggle disappear and the new Yammer will automatically become the only option?
  2. Where can I track the status of the upcoming features that are not listed in the roadmap, but were mentioned during yesterday's AMA session (e.g. group insights enhancement, bookmarks, solution of problem with admin rights)?
  3. When the new Yammer will become an only option - will there be a form for feedback gathering still?
  4. Feedback given by users: where can I find information what from feedback is being implemented?
Super Contributor

When will the Windows app switch to the new user interface?

Frequent Contributor

@MuraliSitaram does this mean that external users/guests can access the new Yammer Experience via Azure B2B once rolled out?  The documentation still states that this is limited to classic Yammer.

Frequent Contributor

Also (still) wondering when we can expect to see the toggle for new Yammer to be available in external networks.

New Contributor

Hello @MuraliSitaram ,

The new interface is quite good but please bring the SharePoint site link BACK.

It's a great idea to focus on communication but we really need to have hot news and interaction published on the community but also kind of communication site associated automatically to the community.

No link, no ability to share content directly from the post, I was secretly dreaming of the ability to share a page or at least documents (with the right thumbnail) 

Is there a chance to have the site back (or at lease to choose how) or a way to bypass this behaviour.

Thank you 


Senior Member

Now, when new Yammer experience is defaulted (at least in our environment) I'm raising this question again, @MuraliSitaram, when can we see the new experience also in desktop app? Our users are mainly using the desktop app, so none of this is visible for them at all!

At the Ignite conference the Yammer team basically said that development of the current Windows and Mac desktop apps is not progressing. So, there is no plan to bring New Yammer to the desktop apps.


For users who want a desktop-app experience with the New Yammer, there is the Yammer Communities app inside MS Teams. Or you could use a Progressive Web App in Edge to create a desktop-style link to Yammer.

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