The future of Yammer is animated (and that’s OK)

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GIFs are everywhere. You can use them in Microsoft Teams or Yammer by accessing the Tenor GIF keyboard or upload your own animated GIF. More than 300 million people use the Tenor GIF keyboard every month to communicate with an animated GIF that expresses their exact thoughts or feelings and Tenor has reached 12 billion GIF searches every month. 


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When you think of GIFs, you probably think of the funny GIF you saw on social media recently but did you know that GIFs can be helpful at work and even educational?


Make a quick tip GIF!

Example: Changing your working days in OutlookExample: Changing your working days in Outlook

At Hall & Wilcox one of our popular Yammer groups is the Technology Tips & Tricks group. Here we post quick tips and tricks that may help our people get their jobs done more efficiently or address tech questions or issues that people post.

An animated GIF is easy for a person to follow, grabs attention immediately and is a perfect match for Yammer on desktop or mobile.


The above example was created from a screen capture in Camtasia, cropped and highlighted within the program before being exported as a GIF but there is more than one way to animate a GIF (or cat).


Sourced from Recordit: An animated GIF demonstration of how to use Recordit


Recordit allows you to select a section of your screen and create a GIF in seconds. You’ll need to download and install their (Windows or Mac) client onto your computer.


GIPHY‘s cloud based GIF maker is great for converting pictures, videos or any URL like YouTube. It has a lot of customisation options such as captions and drawing.


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GIF Troubleshooting tips

Yammer doesn’t always accept every GIF that you upload so you may want to consider the total number of frames (ideally less than 400) in your animation, the frame rate and the dimensions of your images. Setting the frame rate between 5 and 10 FPS may look a little choppy but will allow you to capture a longer duration. I would also play around with a width of 700 to 800 pixels (while keeping the same aspect ratio) until the GIF is uploaded successfully.


Bonus Tip: Emojis
An oldie but a goodie, MVP Loryan Strant has written a post on how to use emojis in your Yammer profile. You can add a little flair before or after your name to your Yammer profile by adding an emoji. :nerd_face:



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Jason Soo is a Technology Trainer at Hall & Willcox an independent business law firm. Jason connects people with technology and has taken a leading role engaging their people on Yammer for better performance and collaboration. Jason specialises in E-Learning, Office 365, Enterprise Social Networks and eDiscovery.




Unlike Teams, we currently cannot turn these off or set the content moderation. While I appreciate new functionality, Yammer needs to consider how people in a corporate environment can and do abuse it. In organizations with content moderators or admins who monitor keywords or use sentiment analysis, GIFs don't adhere to those rules.


However, I see you listened to the UserVoice and are building that admin capability. Thank you!


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Why not add gif creation in PowerPoint?

Some good tips regarding generating "tutorial" GIFs.


I am very curious to understand actual examples of abuse of GIFs in Yammer.


Here is an example @Kevin Crossman. Someone in our organization posted a GIF of a very inappropriate meme to a public group. Think nudity and bodily functions and you'd be close. It became such an issue the leadership wanted to turn off Yammer without question. I spent months trying to talk them off the ledge. Yes, we have a Social Media policy, yes we have a computer policy that says you shouldn't do this. Yes, the person that did it should have been reprimanded or fired. But no, the platform was blamed for allowing that person to post it in the first place. 

Thanks Scott. Was that Meme inserted using the GIF function in Yammer? Or did the user download the GIF from the internet and upload it to their post?


Because if it was the latter, as I suspect, then disabling the GIF button in Yammer not have prevented the bad action.

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Thanks @Kevin Crossman@Scott Strausbaugh for your comments. While I admit you can't use text or sentiment analysis on animated gifs, I'm not sure how engaging a text-only enterprise social network would be in 2019 (when was the last time you used a BBS?). 


I would tend to agree with Kevin here. People can't post anonymously on Yammer so they kind of self-moderate (or should). It is unfortunate that the platform itself took the blame for the inappropriate action but perhaps we need to educate the business about the value that enterprise social networks can bring. Matthew Dodd from Bankwest has a great video from Ignite 2017 which I would highly recommend watching.


Hey @Scott Strausbaugh ...  The "@Loryan Strant GIF toggle", as I like to call it, is currently being tested and should be available in the next couple of months. 

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Thank you for that, @Angus Florance!! 


Whenever I upload animated gifs to yammer they become no longer animated!

What am I doing wrong?

mthorade, are you upload a GIF from your laptop? Or are you using the built-in GIF picker in the Yammer compose box?

I uploaded a gif that I generated myself.

After reading the full blog post again it maybe was too big resolution?

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