Support your next campaign with video content via Yammer
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Yammer can empower employees at every level to engage with video. Depending on the audience, message and timeline there is a video option for almost every initiative. Whether your team has the budget, equipment and experience of a highly professional video production or your organization has enabled employees to broadcast from their webcams, each has unique opportunity to support your core messages. 


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We’ve seen some best practices from our own experiences as well as our customers when it comes to video and campaigns. Some organizations use the high-end production event to kick off an organizational wide event. Employees can ask questions before, during and after this event. And even if they miss the live streaming the recording is there for them to watch at their convenience.

Following the large gathering, local groups or departments can host specific broadcast type of live events. And then as the employees are participating within the campaign can join in by themselves via their own recording devices. 


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Below is a sample calendar of video events that we hosted to support the campaign. With a bit of planning you can start to plot video events that support your campaigns and initiatives, while the conversations between events within the community happen the entire time. And knowing that the videos are stored for later consumption, your employees can view the recordings at a time that works best for them.  


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Earlier this year, we presented at Ignite and walked through a specific scenario of how Microsoft used the variety of video abilities during our most recent Giving Campaign in the month of October. To learn how Microsoft did this, watch the replay including demos of how it works here 


Tips for Videos  

  • Look at the camera and not at yourself!  
  • Know what you are going to say and practice it, but don’t just read from the slides.  
  • Test run technology for events 


Use video and Yammer today!  

  • Make sure your Yammer communities are connected to Office 365 Groups, for more technical requirements review the documentation Live events in Yammer
  • Use Live Events in Yammer to bring a more visual and human touch to your employee communications 
  • Use Yammer videos to make conversations fun and engaging 



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Interested in applying for the private preview program for video features in Yammer? Sign up here.


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