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We’re continuing to strengthen the integration and experiences between Yammer and Office 365, with recent announcements about the app launcher and header, the new SharePoint web part, and Microsoft Teams integrations, and now we’re excited to announce that we are simplifying the profile and identity experiences within Yammer to better align with suite and enhance security.


Currently, if a new Yammer user is created but also has a corresponding Office (Azure Active Directory (AAD) identity, we sync these profile fields from Office. Users can change these fields in Yammer but those changes are overwritten by updates to the profile in AAD. This can lead to confusion and contrasting information between the two profiles. It also provides an opportunity for users to potentially circumvent controls and restrictions set by admins at the Office-level. For example, students could change their names and photos to pretend to be their teachers, or a network user could pose as someone else. That’s about to change.


Beginning in April 2020, Yammer profiles will be merged in the Office profile. We will write over the Yammer profile with their AAD identity to create a single source of truth. At that time, we will also remove the profile tab from the Settings menu. Users that want to change their photos, phone numbers, and other data will need update their information from AAD or ask their IT administrator to assist, just as you would for other Office 365 apps.



Click on your profile picture to update your Office photo.


We currently populate these properties from AAD, and we will continue to do so:

  • Email address (as Email)
  • Display Name
  • Job Title
  • Department
  • Office (as Location)
  • Office phone (as Work phone)
  • Mobile phone

This change will also mean that we retire properties that aren’t synced today like your MSN or AOL account information. If you’d like to maintain information data from the About Me fields  (Schools, Expertise, Interests) we recommend you export this and update the users’ Office profile via Microsoft Graph, or ask users to update directly in Delve.


If the user does not have an Office identity, this change won’t impact them. They can continue editing their Yammer profile directly in Yammer.


How does this impact user photos?

User photos will also be synced from Office. To prepare for this change, make sure your (or your organization’s) photos can be found in any one of the following places:

  1. Go to the All users list in the AAD portal and then click the desired user for picture.
  2. My account page in the Office portal has the photo.
  3. Get Photo API using the Microsoft Graph beta
  4. Get-UserPhoto Exchange Online cmdlet, if applicable.

If new users in your network already have the correct user photo from AAD, it will continue working after this change.


If your organization usually uploads photos from Yammer, you can follow these steps:

  1. Export the list of users,
  2. Use that list of users to export their photos via a script (See a customer example here.),
  3. Re-upload them via Microsoft Graph to make it their photo in the rest of Office.

Going forward, users can upload their photos directly by clicking on their profile photo in the Office suite header and pressing ‘Change’. Alternatively, they can edit their photo from the AAD portal, the Office portal, or ask their admin for assistance.


Summing this up

While this change removes the ability to change your name to reflect campaigns, like showing out of office messaging, it does bring a greater coherence to the suite and allows admins to better manage policies, improve data accuracy, and streamline the profile experience for their users. Keep an eye our blog as we continue to share news and solutions from the product team.


- Ethan Li

Ethan is a Program Manager on the Yammer Team

The upsides of this move greatly outweigh the downsides. Glad to see this change happening.
New Contributor

A must-have for an Enterprise Social Network. Well done.

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I have my 'community manager' role displayed next to my name on Yammer - will this disappear pls? eg John Smith (Yammer community manager).
>will this disappear yes
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Appreciate the Profile option will be removed form the Settings menu. Are there any plans to add signposting in the Settings area to remind users about the change and where to now update their profile, especially on the mobile app where there is no Office menu and profile picture? Could the app open the Delve page without the user having to leave the app and potentially have to sign-in through the mobile browser?

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We have a set of users who we have disabled OneDrive for in Office 365.  Once this change happens, they will lose their current Yammer Profile pic and have no way to add a new pic, correct?


@Ethan Li , when you say "Later this quarter, Yammer profiles will be merged into the Office profile" do you mean this will happen by the end of September, which is the end of Q3?


@Ethan Li , any updates on the rollout of this announcement? We are eagerly looking forward to when this update reaches our Yammer network!

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It looks like the change has slipped to “Q2 CY202” in the Yammer roadmap -

Hi @James Mountford + @Eric Davis,


Yes--there has been complexities with the feature that weren't foreseen when we were planning it. I'll also be updating this blog post and Admin center post in the coming days with additional information on what is changing and how you can prepare for it.


If your organization is interested in testing this out early, send me a PM and we can take a look at what we can do.


Hi folks--I've updated the blog post above with some things you can start testing and verifying on your tenants.

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@Ethan Li Quick Question: When are you releasing this feature "remove the profile tab from the Settings menu". Is this done in New Yammer ? if not please update the timeline.


@Sanjiv_Sharma, this is not a part of the new Yammer. Your profile will be updated across Yammer, no matter where you (or others) are browsing.

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How will this effect admin accounts? for Janssen ID we have a private yammer group Connect ID and a separate login to post from the ID Communications profile. Will the name of this profile be changed? Thank you in advance.

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Delve has erased the personal data of our users 

The About me section in Delve is empty and has erased the About me section in Yammer where users have added valuable information 

@Raul Canovas Pallares Yes, that field from the Yammer profile is going away and instead the profile leverages the About me from Office 365. That's part of the original announcement (technically, Delve is just a front-end to this profile into which can be edited elsewhere in O365 too).

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So If I understand correctly, technically you are erasing user personal data which has a negative impact on your Reputation and impact Yammer search reducing the search results 

Instead of using the rule of precedence for data to keep "las updated" data in delve you choose delve as master and delete all users data in Yammer 

"great approach" 

@Raul Canovas Pallares Yammer was bought by Microsoft in 2012. Over time, some previous Yammer-only features were deprecated or folded into the rest of the suite. This is another such example. At some point, Yammer needs to be part of the rest of the suite and no longer it's own thing.

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No one is discussing that point,

The point is how you delivery ask to think in collective with the O365 and its unable to do a "change" thinking on the collective impacts. 

Its scary Microsoft is helpless to assure a simple rule of precedence "lastupdated" AD attribute to keep user effort and data updating profiles impacting on the data value of a platform when its the same attribute "about me" 

Have you thoug that remove personal data instead of keep the last updated data in one user profile has an impact? I want my personal data back how can Microsoft can provide with an answer respecting my data rights please?



Moi ça m'ennuie parce qu'ils sont pas foutu configurer  l'ad pour que je puisse écrire mon nom correctement.

La grande infection de l'anglais et ses caractères sans cette sale légende qu'il ne faut pas d'accent sur les lettre capitales. ;(

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How do I get my account removed from Yammer? I thought I requested it internally before, but with them linking it with office now it's back.

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