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A lot has changed in Yammer over the past year and we continue to see new growth, new communities, and new users getting started with Yammer. With this in mind, we are excited to share training videos that you can use to share within your own organization. 


Use these training videos to build momentum in your Yammer communities.  



Videos for everyone…  


Microsoft Yammer conversations and discovery


In this video you’ll learn how to…  

  • Discover and join new communities  
  • Understand what’s in your Yammer feed  
  • Favorite communities for quick access 
  • Start a conversation, ask a question, post a poll, react and @mention a co-worker. 
  • Share conversations  
  • Mark best answer to a question you’ve asked 
  • Search Yammer for previous conversations 





Microsoft Yammer notifications and announcements 


In this video you’ll learn how to…  

  • Stay on top of your notifications in Yammer 
  • Receive announcements and react and reply directly in Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Yammer 
  • Adjust your email notification settings in Yammer  


Resource: What’s new in Yammer 

Resource: End User Training Guide 





Training for Yammer community admins…  


Microsoft Yammer communities overview 


In this video you’ll learn how to … 

  • create and brand a community 
  • Post an announcement  
  • Moderate conversations including how to feature a conversation, pin conversation, close the conversation, and how to mark best answer to a question.  
  • Host a virtual event  
  • Evaluate your community by looking at the analytics and insights for the conversations, questions, and events.

Resource: Community Management for Yammer  

Resource: Build Yammer Communities 

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Training for Yammer network Admins…  


Microsoft Yammer network admin highlights 


In this video you’ll learn how to…  

  • Set up usage policy 
  • Add your company’s logo to the emails 
  • Set up Report Conversations process 
  • Mute a community from the feed 
  • Configure and customize All Company branding and naming 
  • Pin Yammer Communities App to Microsoft Teams  


More Support: Admin key concepts  





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 Want the video files for your own Yammer network? Download them here


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