New Yammer resources and an updated Yammer Adoption Center
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Need some new Yammer resources to help with the launch or adoption of Yammer at your organization? Look no further. We've recently published and updated new content for you.  Feel free to download, edit and share any of the resources for your organization.  


New Yammer Resources 

Use these editable resources to communicate the upcoming changes to Yammer.  


New Yammer changes by role 

Learn what's new with community members, community admins and network admins in the new Yammer. Use this as part of your communication and change management for existing Yammer users.  

New Yammer FAQ - editable 

Edit and share this FAQ to communicate upcoming changes for the new Yammer.  

New Yammer email template  

Customize this email to share the new Yammer with your organization. 

New Yammer tips and tricks 

Includes sample text, new Yammer screenshots and Yammer tip template for creating your own Yammer tips. 

Yammer Cover Photo preview 


View your own photos with a template for the new Cover photos in your Yammer Community. Create your own cover photos or use one of the samples to get your community started. Additional image sizes and photo specs can be found here 

Community Admin Guide and Best Practices 

Best practices for managing communities, formerly groups in Yammer. (Editable version available) 

New Yammer end user training guide 

Editable training guide for your end users.  

New Yammer one page flyer 

Use as handout for events or for new Yammer users.  



Getting started with Yammer 

Not sure where or how to start? We have some templates and guidance we’ve put together for your stakeholders.  


Yammer Adoption Guide 

Includes best practices and templates for governance, use case planning, launch events and communications and change management. 

Yammer Lookbook 

Scenarios and best practices for getting the most out of Yammer in your organization.  

Creating Yammer Communities  

Best Practices for setting up successful communities, community toolkit.  

Yammer Communication Plan and Templates 

Recommended communication plan, templates, and timeframes for launch. Edit as necessary. 


Create more opportunities for engagement on Yammer 

If you are looking for ways to increase engagement or get your leaders involved in Yammer, check out these resources.  



Live Events Resources  

Create connection and engagement between leaders and employees by bringing live video streaming and interactive discussion to a new level with live events. Find more details in the live event resource center 


Here’s a quick start guide to live events, including scheduling, producing, and managing live events in just a few clicks using your webcam and screensharing. 


The Hosting live events in Yammer playbook is an in-depth step-by-step guide that will walk you through everything you need to know to host your own event.  

How to host Campaigns in Yammer  

A guide about using Yammer in campaign management scenarios. Includes a list of campaign ideas and how they can be implemented. 

Leadership Engagement in Yammer 

Key strategies and tactics leaders can use to engage with employees across your organization using Yammer 


More Resources  


The Yammer Adoption Resources  has a new look and updated content! From planning your strategy and launch of Yammer and community management resources, you’ll find something for every stage of your Yammer journey.  


Yammer resource by role.JPG


Need the new Yammer logo? 

We get asked a lot for this! You can download them here from the FastTrack Branding Kit.  


You can use these resources to help take your Yammer community to the next level without having to reinvent the wheel because most resources can be customized to fit the organization branding, culture and goals.  Let us know what you end up using for your organization!




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