New messaging enhancements in Yammer

Published Aug 18 2017 11:49 AM 25.9K Views

We are always improving the way users can share their work, ideas and information in Yammer. As an inherently social tool, we are constantly evolving the messaging experience to adapt to the changing way people communicate, continuing to boost activity across networks. In fact, we've seen the average number of messages per network increase over 50% since last year.

Through great customer feedback and rigorous testing, we've been learning more and more about how users choose to post and reply in Yammer. Over the coming weeks, we will be exploring different features and functionality within messaging in Yammer to drive further engagement across your Yammer networks.

Find out more about what's currently available and what will be testing in the Yammer messaging experience soon.


Available Now

Express your thoughts easily and visually using GIFs
Yammer is always focused on empowering people across the organization to have a voice, recognizing that different people express themselves in different ways. Over the past few weeks, usage and testing feedback has shown us that GIFs are a proven way to easily and visually express a thought. During our testing, we saw positive impacts across the board, from more new users joining conversations to more people starting new conversations and replying to messages.

We have now fully rolled out the ability for anyone to search, pick and insert GIFs directly into their messages. This allows enhances the ability for Yammer to be an open space, accessible for everyone in the organization to easily connect. Recognizing that not all GIFs in the consumer space may be suited for every organization, we've taken the most conservative approach in applying a  G-rating filter to the GIF selector.
GIFs are here!.gif


Testing and in development

Know when someone is actively replying through typing indicators

After a message has been posted, it helps to see if certain people are actively engaged, especially when you're under a time crunch or when your work involves lots of different stakeholders. Typing indicators inform you when someone is currently replying on a thread so that you know when a conversation is active and you can help keep it moving along.Typing Indicators.gif


Welcome new members to your Yammer community with a celebration of firsts

Joining Yammer and submitting your first post is an exciting step towards working out loud, and we'd like to celebrate that moment with you. We're exploring new ways to welcome Yammer newbies when they make their first post. We'll also notify coworkers in the community when someone they follow is posting for the first time so they can interact with their post and make them feel welcomed. Celebrate First Post.gif


First Post Notificaiton.png


Move conversations between groups
Conversations can flourish when they're brought into the right context, routed to subject matter experts or affiliated with a topic. Customers have long requested the ability to leverage their Yammer community to move conversations to relevant groups. As part of our messaging initiative, we are in the early stages of building out this capability for testing. With the ability to move messages, customers can benefit from:

  • Better ability for people to discover relevant people and groups they weren't previously aware of
  • Higher likelihood for someone to get a relevant response
  • Lower likelihood that a conversation is fragmented from similarly relevant conversations

Keep updated

We will continue to test and learn over the upcoming weeks to build on the messaging experience in Yammer. We welcome you to engage with us around ongoing testing initiatives through our external Yammer Service Updates group.

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