Live Events in Yammer now generally available

Published Mar 26 2019 09:00 AM 23.1K Views

We are thrilled to announce that Live Events in Yammer are now generally available - bringing intelligent event capabilities that we announced last July to Yammer, Microsoft Teams, and Stream. Live events empower Yammer group admins to host live video events alongside rich conversation capabilities to everyone across the organization, on any device, to effectively communicate news and updates and drive employee engagement.


Watch live broadcasts, comment, like, and share from your Yammer group feed. Create a new Live Event directly from the sidebar.Watch live broadcasts, comment, like, and share from your Yammer group feed. Create a new Live Event directly from the sidebar.

Live events bring value to communities of any kind, by connecting people around important topics or moments, and fostering two-way discussion and engagement to help communities take important steps toward their goals. The events can be hosted live or on-demand and can be as simple or complex as necessary – allowing up to 10,000 attendees to join and participate whether they are in Steam, Microsoft Teams, or Yammer and leveraging powerful artificial intelligence (AI) features—such as automatic transcription—to unlock the content of the event recording. 




To begin using Live Events in Yammer, your organization will need Office 365, with active deployment of Yammer, Microsoft Teams and Stream. To enable the solution, you will need to have Microsoft 365 Groups enabled and Office 365 identity enforced. Learn more about how to set up and manage Live Events in Yammer and see an overview of how these products work together for Live Events.


- The Yammer Team

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Hi, community, thank you for introducing this feature! I've checked that in my network and, unfortunately, it's not available for many groups.  Could you please advise what could go wrong?


Hi Natalia, you'll need to make sure the groups you are trying to create a live event in meet these criteria: 

Hope that helps

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Dear Michael, thank you for your clarification! I've checked the criteria above and we meet them, so i believe we just need to give it a bit more time:)

Thank you !

Regarding playback , I have found a hard time buffering and streaming Yammer content.. as my location is MALDIVES , is it because of the CDN akamai that you are using ?

Thanks ASA

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