[Ignite Recap] Cerner finds sweet spot with Microsoft 365 Groups, SharePoint, Teams and Yammer
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Ignite Recap: Finding your O365 sweet spot with  Microsoft 365 Groups, SharePoint, Teams and Yammer 



John Moore Cerner 

Lance Yoder, Cerner 

Madhuri Tondepu Microsoft Program Manager  


If your organization has the entire toolbox of Office 365 ready and waiting, this session is a great overview about how you can use the tools together to tell a seamless story to your employees. Watch and listen to the behind-the-scenes look into how Office 365 Groups, SharePoint, Microsoft Tea...  


John and Lance also dive into the technical details and best practices of migrating, architecture, deployment, and change management and feature real-life examples of project planning, education, and training artifacts, as well as a live demo of how these products can be extended and customized for success. 


Cerner took about 9 months of planning and collaboration by identifying the vision, including the most important use cases for success by interviewing the use case owners. By grouping the use cases and writing them down on paper, it helped to prioritize and figure out the best technical solution for stakeholders across the organization.  


Next their teams took to figure out how to articulate to their employees what tool to use when. John Moore developed the image below to provide clear picture of how the tools work in different scenarios. Feel free to use the high-res version of the image here. 

What to use when eart.JPG


At Cerner they wanted to get out of the way for collaboration for their users. Cerner manages about 18K groups within their organization. Every associate can create groups, but they do have some guidance in the way that the groups are created.  Additionally regarding community management, they have specific keywords they monitor. And just because the group has expired does not mean that it was a failure, sometimes collaboration has an end.  

o365 group lifecycle.JPG


With a motto, secure from the start, Cerner enforces Office 365 identity and have role based access control. Employees can also use the “Report Abuse” process that the Cerner team has set up for employees to flag post. The team will review the post to determine the next best steps. If you want to set up your own no code solution for this, see this resource by John Tropea and Benjamin Elias to learn how 


Yammer configuration.JPGYammer configuration.JPG


View the live demos in this part of their session to see how the demonstrate their Office 365 at Cerner Yammer Community. John gives insight into their actual environment about how they use tips, resources, classes and training for educating their users and meeting them exactly where they are. John also shares about their early adoption technology strategy within their organization.  

Additionally, John’s team uses a Team and pulls in the Yammer Community via the Yammer connector on Teams. He tracks the conversations, including the questions and response times, indicating people are waiting less than a day for the questions to be answered. Finally, John walks through the Roadmap RSS feed to Team Channel as a way that his team stays informed about what’s new at Microsoft.  You can also see the sample form and Report Abuse that you can reuse within your own Yammer community 


Lance shares and demos how employees use Yammer community, SharePoint site, and Microsoft Teams for engineering culture. They encourage you to meet the community where they are at and offer a variety of ways to communicate and engage with the end users. 


At Cerner they encourage open collaboration with guidelines. And Lance and John conclude by encouraging everyone to keep moving beyond just the launch or the initial introduction of the technology within your organizations.  


What about your organization? Have you started to integrate the variety technologies to your programs, initiatives and business needs?  

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