Guest Access in Yammer using Azure AD B2B is now in preview!

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External Collaboration is a key ingredient for the success of any organization. At Microsoft, we recognize the need to seamlessly connect and engage with key stakeholders and partners outside of your company and today, we are excited to announce the preview of Azure AD business-to-business (B2B) guest support in Yammer.   


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How can you enable the Azure AD B2B guest functionality in your Yammer network 


If your Yammer network is provisioned after December 15th, 2020 then Azure AD B2B guest functionality is already enabled by default for you. Community admins in your Yammer network can add guests to the communities in your network.  

The functionality will be rolling out to existing Yammer networks in Native mode over the next couple of weeks and disabled by default. Yammer network admins needs to enable guest access on their networks from Yammer admin center > Security Settings > External messaging settings.   


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Note: Yammer network should be aligned to Native Mode to enable Azure AD B2B guest functionality.  


What’s new in Yammer with Azure AD B2B guest framework?  


When it comes to external collaboration, administrators need to strike a perfect balance between empowering employees to invites guests from outside the organization to foster collaboration and put in place necessary guardrails to make sure guests can access only authorized resources.  
Governance and compliance capabilities are at the heart of the new guest support in Yammer. Azure AD B2B guest framework provides a secure, compliant external collaboration framework used by many apps in Microsoft 365 suite such as Microsoft Teams and Microsoft SharePoint, and now it’s coming to Yammer. 


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Azure AD B2B guest support in Yammer brings the following capabilities:  

  • Robust policies for guest invitations and providing access give administrators full control over who can invite guests, which organizations guests can be invited from, and which communities they can be invited to. 
  • Simplification of guest modes in Yammer with community level guests. A guest can be added to any specific Yammer community based on the admin policy instead of the entire network.
  • Easy and compliant external collaboration (within Europe networks) for Yammer networks with data based in the EU geo.
  • Parity between participation in Yammer communities across all Yammer experiences (web, mobile (Android / iOS). 
  • Guests access to community resources like files stored in SharePoint.  
  • Ability to review guest membership and block unauthorized guest access through Azure AD access reviews and track the guest lifecycle through Azure AD audit logs. 

During the preview phase, some features are not yet available. We are working hard to bring all Yammer functionality to the new B2B guests in Yammer. Please see this article for a complete list of features that are not yet supported.  


We are excited to have you preview the functionality. Reach out to us at ‘’ for any feedback on the feature.  



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