Groups activity reporting for Yammer rolling out in Office 365 admin center

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We know that reporting is an important part in helping admins drive usage and provide insights on the different tools an organization uses. As part of this commitment, we are excited to announce that groups activity reporting for Yammer will be available in the Office 365 admin center in the coming weeks. 


This data provides an insightful dashboard for admins and community managers to see the health of different groups within your network based on posts, reads, and likes. With this information, you can: 


  • Use analytics to support use cases of Yammer in your organization 
  • Better identify success stories within different groups  
  • Engage active groups to feed campaigns around driving adoption of Yammer 


For further details on enhancements to reporting in the Office 365 admin center, please read our blog post from earlier this week here. 


Yammer Group Activity Report (1).png

For more information, please refer to our support article here.


Great news! Super helpful that will be useful at measuring certain kinds of engagement, but will also help us with some "group triage" as well.

 This is great! Would it be safe to assume that the group and admin names in the screenshot are just generic ones created in a lab?


@Loryan Strant yes, we've anonymized all the names and got rid of the admin names from the UI. Thanks! 


Love this!  I was using it this week to clean up some abandoned groups.  Thank you!

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Just one question for READ number (read is the number of messages read in the Yammer group over the reporting period).

How is it calculated? Does statistic show only a number of the new post read by members (first time read)  or it counts and older posts that I have already read before?

Thank you in advance


If you read a message, it counts as 1 ‘read’. If you read the same message multiple times, there is no change to the read count.

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This will only be useful, if you created a roll for Yammer verified admins in the O365 Admin console. Until this is done, we don't have access to these great improvements.
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