Get Started Using Yammer

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Yammer is the social networking layer across Office 365 which helps you discuss ideas, share updates, and crowd-source answers from coworkers around the globe. Yammer gives you a faster, smarter way to connect and collaborate across your company. Watch the quick introduction video below.


Watch: What is Yammer?


Start driving collaboration across your organization. With Yammer, you can:

  • Connect and engage across your teams, departments, and company.
  • Tap into and leverage the knowledge of others.
  • Search and discover the expertise, conversations, info, and files you need.
  • Join and create groups to stay informed, connect with your company, and gather ideas.
  • Participate in conversations across your network and add insights.
  • Share your knowledge and ideas across your organization

These are just the tip of the iceberg. Follow the simple guides below to get up and running with Yammer:

Step 1: Sign in, Edit Profile, and Set Notifications  

Step 2: Discover conversations and groups

Step 3: Join the conversation

Step 4: Collaborate and Manage Content across Office 365

Step 5: Set up your mobile apps


Already started? Learn more about how to get the most out of Yammer. 


- Angus 

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