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We are pleased to announce the launch of Edit post, one of our most frequently requested features! Starting today, Yammer users will be able to make changes to the text in a post or in an announcement after it has been published.  After a post has been edited there will be a tag indicating that it has been edited, and users will be able to see the version history by clicking on that tag. 


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The Edit post feature is now available on web, and will be rolling out soon to iOS and Android.  Note, users will need the latest version of the Yammer mobile app to enable Edit post on their mobile devices.


Currently, the Edit post feature does not support attachments and external groups but stay tuned for these additions in the future.





Happy days are here again! Woot!

I'm not seeing this option? Having logged out of O365 account and back into Yammer?

Am I doing something wrong?

Few tech announcements make me smile like this one. I have an appreciation for the tech and the difficulties in doing this. Way to go Yammer!

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Congrats to the team for delivering this much desired feature. This will only help and improve Yammer adoption and engagement even further!


@Carole Lloyd-Jones - It's been turned on and is rolling out to all users.  You should be seeing it soon :)

Best news of the day! Thank you Yammer!

As MVPs we got early access to this feature...so I've been testing. Here's what I learned if you want to share it with your networks:

  • You can only edit your own posts in groups or private messages in the browser and mobile app (eventually everyone will get the mobile app).
  • There is an edit record that group members can look at after making the edits so you can see a trail of what was edited and when
  • You will not be able to edit what document you attached to a post, you can only edit text in the post.
  • You can only edit regular posts, praises and announcements. Polls cannot be edited at this time.
  • You can also add people @ mention people when you edit. So if you forget someone, you can add them later
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 My entire IT staff is celebrating. Thank you very much. This has been our most requested feature since before MS bought Yammer.

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YES!!! That's one of the basic essential features that was missing.  Now, bring on the ability to schedules posts out!!

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Great news, well done to the product team on what I imagine to be quite a challenging task!!


Nice, liking this!  :)

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Sorry but this is not true in my Company Yammer.

There will be a global release or it will be only for few user?

This is now rolled out to all users in all networks (in the Yammer web client, support for it on Android and iOS will ship with the next app release). You might have to refresh the page in your web browser, or log out and log back in to see the feature. Please note that editing is not supported in external groups (or for polls).

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This. Is. The. Greatest. News.... we ever had in recent times. This brings back the confidence that Yammer is still supported by Microsoft. ;)

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Any reference if it will come available in external groups? It is already available in Child Networks for both group types so only Home (Tenant) Yammer network external groups don't have it yet...

Can you please advise when the Edit Post function will be available in the IPAD APP

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04-13-2017 11:54 AM
Amy Dolzine MVP
You can only edit regular posts, praises and announcements. Polls cannot be edited at this time.


Please can anyone tell me when will I be able to edit Polls?   It's almost one year on, and I'm still not able to edit a Poll.  Sure I could recreate the poll, but then with that done, I'd have to expect -rather unrealistically- that members would vote again?  I've 86 views in one poll, and only 10 votes as it is, and I'm forced at work to use this .. ahem, tool.  I want to expand the options to lure in more lurkers, so c'mon Microsoft, get on the stick and get this sorted!



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Hello Yammer-Team,


can you say to me, when the EDIT function is working for external groups?

the post is more then one year old. We need that function.


The next question would be, when, like I am writting now this post, is the possibility given, that i can use rich-text?

In the roadmap it is planned, but there is no launch date.



Thanks for information.

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Testing 123


Hello, PLease note that we will have a meeting

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