eDiscovery and Native Mode for Yammer now available!

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Yammer is working hard to integrate into the suite of security and compliance tools offered within the Office 365 Security and Compliance Centers.  As a first step towards our goal of greater compliance capabilities, we are excited to announce that Yammer now supports eDiscovery for networks in Native Mode. 


Native Mode  

Native Mode for Yammer means that: 

  • one Microsoft Tenant is connected to one Yammer network 
  • all of your users are mapped in Azure Active Directory 
  • all of your Yammer groups are connected to an Microsoft 365 Group  
  • all of your Yammer files are stored in SharePoint. 

How can you get access to these new features? 

eDiscovery for Yammer is currently available to all Yammer networks that are in Native Mode. If your Yammer Network was provisioned after January 9th, 2020 then you are already in Native Mode by default and no additional action is necessary.  Existing networks will need to use the Native Mode Alignment Tool in the Yammer Admin Center before accessing eDiscovery for Yammer. The Native Mode Alignment Tool will start rolling out to customers at the end of January 2020.  Watch out for future blog posts with more details and learn more about eDiscovery in Yammer 


The Native Mode Alignment Tool is coming to YammerThe Native Mode Alignment Tool is coming to Yammer


What this means for Administrators 

Once in Native Mode, all messages and files posted in your Yammer network will be available through the same eDiscovery tools you use to manage your data throughout the rest of the Office 365 suite.  Within the eDiscovery module of the Security and Compliance Center you can search by user and retrieve their Yammer messages alongside other messages they have sent through Outlook, Teams, and other Microsoft applications.  You can filter down to retrieve Yammer messages based on the author of the message, the recipient of the message, or the community the message was posted in. 

Yammer content is now available for eDiscovery within the Office 365 Security & Compliance CenterYammer content is now available for eDiscovery within the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center


Next Steps 

As we continue to develop these features, you will also begin to see advanced filtering and sorting options become available.  We plan to update the Advanced eDiscovery tools to include Yammer content as well. We’ll continue to share announcements regarding Advanced eDiscovery over the next six months so keep an eye on the Yammer blog and eDiscovery documentation for the latest updates. 


  • Adam Peretz,  
    Adam is a Product Manager on the Yammer Team.  

Have I missed something on the timeline? I would like to run the native mode alignment tool, but as a GA in the tenant I do not see that option in Network Admin...


@Jason E. Heiser

The Alignment tool which allows existing customers to migrate their networks into Native Mode is currently being rolled out.  It should be available to all customers globally in the next few months.

Senior Member

Is Native Mode going to be required to get any of the new Yammer features coming later this year such as all the stuff mentioned at https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/yammer-blog/the-new-yammer/ba-p/976855? 


@Greg Liddle Native Mode is not required for the features specifically mentioned in the blog post you linked to.  However, it will be required for numerous other features including eDiscovery, and other compliance related features we are currently working on.

We are using an external Yammer network to collaborate with our Partners, serving 5000+ members across the Globe. Since some days we see Partners in Europe, who recently enabled Yammer and can no longer access their external networks. When will you support external networks in your new release in all Geos, not just for the US? It worked well in the past. Collaboration is more than just inside the company.


@Michael Frankenreiter Thank you for the feedback.  We already have the work necessary to support cross-geo collaboration planned but I do not believe we have a concrete timeline released yet for the feature.  Keep your eyes on the Yammer Roadmap and it should show up there as soon as we're ready to announce it.

Senior Member

I think I am in a similar position mentioned by Michael Frankenreiter, but on opposite side. I have tried to get access to an external Yammer network using my organization Yammer account provided by O365 subscription which is running in Native Mode - my Yammer account was created on March 2020.  My organization is based in Europe.

I succeeded to join to external Yammer network, but every time I Log In back, I am automatically redirected to my company Yammer page.

Trying to delete history and cookies for each browser used, do not help. The same for Incognito or Private mode.


I started digging for a solution and I found the following statement, but no further details how to implement it.

"Users from Native Mode networks can, if allowed by your Yammer Security Settings, collaborate in external groups in other Yammer networks that are not in Native Mode."

See: 'Troubleshoot problems with Native Mode for Microsoft 365' 








Occasional Contributor

It sounds like native mode is the way to go? I was holding back from office 365 connected groups since we restrict who can create groups in Yammer.

New Contributor

Are there any plans to bring Azure B2B guest access into Yammer via the native mode functionality? That'd go a long way to enable that external collaboration that's currently occurring via external users and also align to similar models in other O365 applications.


@NITIN SHUKLA yes this is currently being developed.  No official timelines yet but you can expect the Native Mode Alignment Tool to automatically process your transition to Azure B2B guest access in the next few months.

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