Cheers to 2017: Yammer takeaways, best practices and resources to achieve more

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As 2017 comes to a close, we’ve rounded up some information you can take advantage of as you enter the holidays. Whether you’re taking a relaxing holiday vacation or already gearing up for New Year’s resolutions, these recaps, insights and resources can be useful for either passive reflection or active planning.


Looking back on innovation

In the past year, Microsoft unlocked more ways to drive collaboration in Yammer through better and more seamless integration across the suite. Groups created in Yammer now have a single group identity and shared set of resources through integration with the Office 365 Groups service. These groups are now more easily managed through dynamic group membership in Yammer. Customers with Skype for Business can now see presence, as well as launch voice and video calls, right within Yammer. And you can experience more robust and secure video viewing through Microsoft Stream integration with Yammer


For people constantly moving between apps or locations, you now have access to new Yammer desktop and iPad apps. We also made ongoing enhancements to the Yammer’s web, desktop and mobile experiences, including ongoing improvements to the mobile app, GIFs and the ability to edit post.


Community managers are now empowered with new and better ways to measure and grow communities through reporting in the Office 365 admin center and highly requested group insights in Yammer.


As the new year approaches, we’re excited to see how you take advantage of new innovation in Yammer!


Looking forward with renewed focus and vision

During Ignite 2017, we shared an update to our vision and roadmap for Yammer, focusing on helping you gain greater value from connecting with people across your organization – or your outer loop of colleagues. And we’ll continue to invest in foundational elements including helping organizations to drive productivity, manage communities and maintain enterprise-grade control, security and compliance.


This past year, we’ve been inspired by customers and partners who have shared their own stories and experience forming valuable connections across the outer loop.

  • Companies like Grundfos and Diageo have transformed their organizational culture through authentic, ongoing two-way communication between leadership and their global workforce, inclusive of remote or Firstline workers.
  • Organizations like Johnson & Johnson and ConocoPhillips have banded together to quickly mobilize around initiatives like Employee Home Sharing and Meal programs following recent natural disasters, allowing people to quickly get help and offer help.
  • Fascinating research from Griffith University in Australia showed that students who engage more in their Yammer communities, actually achieve better academic grades.

We look forward to sharing more stories about how people are empowering their connections in their outer loop in the coming year. Please reach out to us if you’d like to tell your own.


Learning from others

We’ve also spent a lot of time listening to you, learning from your experiences and gathering best practices for success. During Ignite, we interviewed customers, asking them what they do or plan to do to nurture their communities, identify use cases and drive engagement – all of which can be viewed in our Yammer Best Practices video.

Learn best practices from other customers using Yammer


Similarly we co-hosted events, held community meetups and heard from many of our partners who shared their thoughts on developing a winning plan, including strategic approaches to creating a digital workplace and better ways for CEOs to engage their workforce.


We’re excited to continue to grow our community around the world in the coming year and invite you to engage with us, customers and partners to learn more about how you can get the most out of Yammer.


Hitting refresh with new resources

This is a wonderful time of year to reflect on past learnings and identify new opportunities, so that you can kick start the new year with a refreshed approach to your community. With a number of years under our belt, we’ve gathered a ton of insights and best practices, which we’ve packaged up into downloadable resources at


If you are just starting out on your social networking journey, you will find resources like our success guide, use case catalog and playbook helpful for mapping out your vision and strategy. While preparing for a launch or relaunch, you’ll find certain key elements you should have in place for successful adoption, including governance, usage polices and etiquette guides – which all help to foster appropriate behaviors and engagement from the start. As you think about communication to your organization, start with our communication plan and templates, and make them work for your organization. Training guides and new user checklists are helpful for building webinars or in person training as necessary.


Are you already launched and looking for resources for your groups? Check out this guide of best practices for group owners, including engagement tactics and how-to's for group admins.


Finally, if your organization is working on rolling out other Office 365 tools, take a look at this guide, which will help you understand how to use Yammer as a change management and communications tool during the roll out.  During Ignite, we spoke to a few customers who have done just that. Watch what they had to say about using Yammer as a vehicle for supporting their Office 365 rollout.

Watch tips for using Yammer for your Office 365 rollout


How can we better empower you to connect your outer loop, share best practices and drive the success of your Yammer network? We welcome you to engage and share feedback with our team and the rest of the Yammer Community!


With that, we wish you a wonderful holiday and a happy new year. Cheers to 2017 and here’s to a fantastic 2018!


- Yammer

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