Best Practices Brainstorm Session Episode #6 Teams and Yammer in the Hybrid work
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Recently we had Andrew Pope & Rebecca Jackson join us and ask hard questions about which tool should we use when. They informed us with some insights and shared best practices that work for them and their customers. Listen to the recording here. 


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Here’s a few of the notes and highlights from the session…  


The first step is to take people on the journey of community.  

  • Community management 
  • Sharing knowledge becomes viral 


How does community management relate to Teams?  

  • Are we missing good community management in Teams... or does it look different? 


Which tool when? When do you chose to do what? 

  • Learn best practices of Yammer / Teams  
  • What do we want to try? What do we want to do? How does the channel manage itself? What are the norms and expectations?  
  • Team leaders are the defector Community Manager of a Teams Channel. is curated the conversation, they are making it safe, facilitating a conversation, engaging 
  • Share “What I am doing?” – Gives control over their workday – team members answer and post how do you contact me and when during the day.  
  • Build expectations of where you are going to be that day  


Collaboration contracts 

  • Includes team norms, having from the outset, shared understanding of what expected 
  • Established the technology enablers  


Yammer Blog Resource : The Social Collaboration Contract - Microsoft Tech Community 



  • Determine where to work 
  • Basic training from day one 
  • What’s the problem we’re trying to solve 


Great analogies of Teams and Yammer 

If you buy a gym membership, you won’ get fit or build muscles unless you use your gym membership. If you need to cut the grass or dig the hole – you’d go to the tool shed to get the right tool.  



  • Engagement – thumbs up and reply to vs an email response 
  • Make it easy for leaders to connect  
  • Pile on the praise with engagement via Yammer 


Structure vs Unstructured Analogy 

  • Microsoft Teams is your desk, meeting rooms, purpose of certain, known people to do a known activity  
  • Yammer is the kitchen, corridors, impromptu, open to everyone, putting it out there and letting people see and chose how they use it 


When you determine which tool to use, think about who your audience is. What kind of audience do you want to engage? 

  • Think about your reach  
  • Boundaries of your collaboration 
  • Non-members can even browse communities  
  • Sharing convos across communities easier than other methods  
  • CEO can’t just dip into Teams to see what people are working on, missed context 


Create influencer changes of champions  

  • Coaching, helping those people to make change within their groups  
  • Not directly work related – like posting pictures of celebrations, like birthdays, length of services in Yammer 


How to take people on the journey?  

  • Connection can be found. We can learn more from our colleagues because we haven’t seen them.  
  • Ask what can you achieve and expect in a community? Compared to pushing a specific product  
  • Important that people connect behaviors to actions instead of tools, focus on outcomes  


Customer Example - They launched a specific community – This is why I love this Company Community Members answered what is unique about keeping them in the company?  


Absence of expectations is where people just go back to their learned behaviors. 



Join us next time!  

The next call is scheduled on June, June 7, 2022, at 9 AM PT.   


Special Edition of our Customer Best Practices sessions:   

We are very fortunate to have Cat Moore joining us to guide a conversation on Belonging in the Digital Workplace. Cat is the Director of Belonging at the University of Southern California.  


Cat will help us think of ways to create greater belonging and meaning in the digital workplace, using digital tools such as Yammer. This will be a bit different to our usual sessions,  yet valuable in our remote and hybrid world.  


5pm BST / 12pm EDT / 9am PDT on Tuesday June 7th 


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If you’d like us to cover a particular topic, please let us know in the Yammer Customer Connections Community or leave a comment below!  

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