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Capturing and disseminating knowledge is crucial to organizations and a key area of development for Yammer. Today, we’re excited to announce that question and answer in Yammer is rolling out to all Office 365 tenants. We announced this at the SharePoint Conference in May, and the experience will become available to all groups and live events in Yammer over the next few days.



Capture knowledge with a new question and answer style

A large number of questions get asked in Yammer, meaning it can be hard to distinguish requests for help from general conversations. Question and answer in Yammer enables you to start a conversation in the question format from the browser or mobile app. Unique styling helps everyone identify which posts need answers. 



Ask a question from the Yammer app.Ask a question from the Yammer app.

Mark the best answer

Once a question is asked, a response can now be marked as the best answer by the author or a group admin. The best answer gets pinned to the top of the question—making it easy for people to find without sifting through dozens of responses. As Caroline Honour,  Intranet and Internal Social Media Manager at Govia Thameslink Railway, states: "I love the fact that marking a best answer puts it to the top of the Yammer thread so everyone can find it without reading a hundred million posts."

A best answer gets pinned to the top of the replies.A best answer gets pinned to the top of the replies.

Marking a best answer on mobile.Marking a best answer on mobile.

Carry out Q&A in Live Events

We’re continuing to invest in live events as a way for leaders and employees to connect and are excited to announce that question and answer is available in Live Events in Yammer as well, so that attendees can choose to ask a question or make a comment. This helps event organizers and attendees alike differentiate between content and apply filters to see all questions and unanswered questions before, during, and after the event. Best answers can be marked to indicate a resolution within the live event page.

Discover and sort questions in Live Events using the filter.Discover and sort questions in Live Events using the filter.

Building practical solutions

Question and answer provides a way to build dedicated experiences around capturing and consuming in Yammer, while saving users time searching for information. As we’ve designed and built this experience, we’ve worked with customers every step of the way to better understand this space—from gathering feedback on early concepts to running a preview with a small set of organizations. Please try it out and continue to let us know what you think.

 Learn more about this announcement here and listen to myself and @Mark Kashman discuss the new Yammer question and answer capabilities on the latest episode of the Intrazone podcast


Join us for a Yammer AMA

Have questions for the Yammer product team? We’re excited to share that we’re hosting a Yammer AMA on Wednesday, July 10th from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. PT in the Yammer AMA space.


An AMA is a live online event similar to a "YamJam" on Yammer or an "Ask Me Anything" on Reddit. The Windows as a service AMA will give you the opportunity to connect with members of the Windows product and engineering teams, who will be on hand to answer your questions and listen to feedback.An AMA is a live online event similar to a "YamJam" on Yammer or an "Ask Me Anything" on Reddit. The Windows as a service AMA will give you the opportunity to connect with members of the Windows product and engineering teams, who will be on hand to answer your questions and listen to feedback.

Add the event to your calendar to ensure you don’t miss it. See you there!


Here’s a quick FAQ on question and answer:


Q: Who can mark a reply as the best answer?

A: The person who asked the question and the group admins can mark a reply as the best answer.


Q: Is a question locked once a best answer is marked?

A: No, users can continue to reply to the question and the best answer can be overwritten.


Q: How will I know if a best answer has been received on a question that I’m following?

A: You will get a notification similar to other network actions.


Q: How do I know who marked the best answer?

A: Hover over the best answer (web view) or tap the best answer (mobile) to see who marked it as the best response.


Q: I don’t see the option of filtering?

A: Filtering in Live Events in Yammer is available today. Filtering in groups will land in your network towards the end of July.


- Kaleem Rahman is a Product Manager on the Yammer engineering team
Q&A + Best Answer is a game changer for Yammer. So many way this will help improve the engagement and experience inside Yammer.
Senior Member

This is a great new feature. I would like to create a solution which monetizes knowledge sharing in our Org. To be able to award points for contributions I need API access to questions asked, all answers and the answer marked as the best. Will the API for Yammer be extended to match these new features?

Occasional Contributor

Great feature, let's hope they bring in some more Community features then we can get rid of the old Community sites. Great job! Keep up the good work.


Hey @Jesper Lauridsen, we're looking at ways bring this feature set even more value and help organizations rope up the knowledge and community benefits shared in groups. Stay tuned! 

This is a great addition to Yammer, do you plan to keep investing in Q&A to get more "stackoverflowy" features, like similar questions, vote (or like) best answers, quickly finding unanswered questions and so on ?
New Contributor

Oddly, it doesn't seem at all clear from the REST API how to determine which questions were answered and which posts were marked as Best Answer. It is clear how to identify a question (message_type is 'question') but there is no indication on the question JSON object that it was answered, not on the post JSON object that is marked as Best Answer that it was marked as such. Is it standard for Yammer REST API additions to trail the introduction of new features?


@Xavier and @Evan, 

Yes, we are planning to continue investing in the question and answer workload including filtering, exporting, and more. 

Regular Visitor

Great feature! Just wondering if there's a way to mark a post as a question after it has been posted?



@Alex Liang - no, you can't change a post type after it's been posted.
New Contributor

How many more months is it gonna take for you to finally add a filter, or even better, a section of its own for Q&A in Yammer?


Also, why do you think it's acceptable to not have the ability to edit your questions later on?

I am not aware of any editing restrictions of the Question post type.
New Contributor

Sorry, I misunderstood that part. The promised dedicated Q&A filter is still missing though. How hard can it be to implement?

The Question filter is part of the New Yammer announced this week and coming in stages early 2020 and completed in 1H2020

@YammerTeam As a Network Admin, why do I not have all the same access (and more) than a Community Admin? I should automatically be able to go into any Community and mark a question as best answer. 

@andrewclarke That stands to reason, but current that's not how the Q&A feature works. Though, as Network Admin, you could make yourself an admin for a community, and then mark the best answer.

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