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Because it’s the 100th blog post for Yammer we decided to crowdsource this blog post with our guest bloggers via Yammer to come up with 100 ways to use Yammer. Check it out!



Or read our list below!


  1. Ask a question about the vacation policy
  2. Post a link to an event that you attended and feedback if you want to go to that event again next year
  3. Share a blog post that one of our customers wrote
  4. Post a photo from the leadership summit and key takeaways
  5. Ask the status of a feature request to the product team
  6. Follow up with a request about shipping materials for an upcoming conference
  7. Read a post from a recent debate about something shared at a leadership Q&A
  8. Announce the updated resources, guides for sales teams to use with potential customers
  9. Share the progress on the presentation and agenda for a customer meeting
  10. Reply to a conversation with opinions and past experiences
  11. Use it with your department to have conversations
  12. Create team meeting agenda's and share useful info related to upcoming events, meetings
  13. Use hashtags on conversations, easier to find them later
  14. Have executives give regular and specific updates
  15. Shout outs to employees that go above and beyond
  16. Inspirational quote/photo of the day
  17. Reviews Yammer feeds for potential intranet stories
  18. Create a Yammer community for “how do I” questions
  19. Help on an error message from your expense systems
  20. Yammer is helping to connect the different apps in Microsoft 365 - Stream, Teams and others
  21. Share Stream videos to Yammer
  22. Use Flow to highlight Yammer community conversations to certain Teams
  23. Connect with teams before or after the visit to their office
  24. Let the organization know about new and interesting Yammer and M365 features
  25. Create a poll for what to on what to have for lunch during a conference
  26. Vote on the next book to read for book club
  27. Ask a question to spark discussion
  28. Share links to interesting news articles
  29. Let people know about birthdays, weddings, babies and pets
  30. Share photos from team and corporate events
  31. Post quick videos about important or interesting updates
  32. Idea generation and brainstorming
  33. Praise people when they get new deals or hit sales targets
  34. Orient new employees with a new to <Company Name > Community
  35. Announce org changes
  36. Connect with people across the organization with a similar area of discipline and form a community of practice
  37. Build support to rally behind an idea and further develop it
  38. Create a poll to keep a pulse on the organization thoughts around specific initiatives
  39. Host a Yamjam to enable employees to connect with leaders
  40. Post pictures from different teams and areas of your company
  41. View content in other public community to see what other parts of the organization are working on
  42. Hold a contest or competition to show what teams have done to improve the customer experience, reduce costs or increase sales
  43. Post a potentially brilliant idea you have no idea how to progress forward
  44. Crowdsource tech support
  45. Give a voice to the traditionally voiceless
  46. Have ‘water cooler’ conversations with people in different locations
  47. Respond to the CEO
  48. Run AMA sessions about a specific topic and include subject matter experts
  49. Post charity fundraising activities, helps raise awareness of disabilities, illnesses, good causes etc
  50. Make communities more visible, such as LGBT workers
  51. Plan an offsite event
  52. Share examples of a winning in-store promotion
  53. Talk about your dogs
  54. Find an expert in a niche subject, like a Russian-speaking seismologist
  55. Get a sense-check when you're not 100% confident, bounce ideas off of others
  56. Coordinate your meeting with a diverse global customer
  57. Give introverts a voice if they prefer not to speak out in all-hands meetings
  58. Replace phone calls for people who aren't' comfortable speaking in a second language with employees using Yammer in their native tongue and others using the translate feature
  59. Embed Yammer in SharePoint to have conversations about reference materials
  60. Run a ‘live preview’ of an interesting job sharing live updates and live Q&A during a ride-along night shift at one of the field operations
  61. Check-in channel for smaller teams or orgs: I.e. where you’re working from that day or that you arrived safely at a destination
  62. Photography Community- either holiday snaps or the view from your location that day
  63. Share learning and materials from a course
  64. Create a Yammer champions hub
  65. Share screenshots for troubleshooting (e.g. anyone seen this XYZ warning message before?)
  66. Share an updated quick start guide to the field sales team during a product launch
  67. Post a link to a tweet that needs some follow up
  68. Plan a t-shirt design contest for an upcoming event
  69. Confirm about brand guidelines for a specific post for social media
  70. Call for content for your organization’s blog
  71. Plan customer meet ups
  72. Share product updates, releases, announcements with customers
  73. Ask for feedback about a specific process or program
  74. Post how to tips using animated GIFs to show members who how to complete a task
  75. Use Live Events to broadcast a company meeting
  76. Ask a question during a live event or townhall
  77. Vote on a t-shirt design for the upcoming event/conference/team building
  78. Share a recipe that was amazing in the Foodies and Cooks Community
  79. Ask clarification questions for a new program releases or how it will work with the current program in place
  80. Announce planned outages, upgrades and new releases that will impact end users
  81.  Share what your competition is doing and how the organization is combating it.
  82. Welcome and introduce the interns
  83. Share the first draft of blog post and ask for feedback and additional stories to add
  84. Share last words before leaving to go to another position or organization
  85. Share what’s on our roadmap for upcoming product releases
  86. Discuss what the policy and opportunity for recycling and renewable energies
  87. Ask questions about rewards and recognition and seek opportunities for improvement on the current process
  88. Post a message to see if ergonomic equipment is available for your desk or workspace
  89. Discuss the upcoming move to the new office building and location
  90. Share the problems with the current parking / traffic situation that surrounds the office
  91. Discuss about a work-from-home policy and what that might entail for the organization
  92. Brainstorm ways to improve on the recruiting and hiring process
  93. Find and showcase new success stories of customers using the products
  94. Brainstorm ways to off-board employees when they are moving on to their next role, position, company
  95. Share a picture if something is above expectations or share if it is not up to standards to get fixed via a facilities request form
  96. Mark best answer when the subject matter expert clarifies a question
  97. Post about an upcoming training opportunities for new managers
  98. Share the lessons you learned from the last product release and what you would differently next time around
  99. Ask leaders how they go to their current role and what their big goals and objectives are for the next quarter
  100. Celebrate a huge milestone or accomplishment



Try a few of these with your Yammer network or share the ones we've missed below! 


Special thanks to our Yammer Guest bloggers, including @Sam Marshall , @Jason Soo , @Caroline_H , @James LaCorte ; @Stefan Hult @Rebecca Jackson @Tanya Caruana @Athanasia Price @Lyndsay Ansell @Matthew Dodd @Steve Nguyen 



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One of the best I came across was a question asked about borrowing a piece of kit that resulted in every library in Dorset being provided the same kit - that's a result!!!


Yammer is indeed and awesome platform for sharing ideas, collaborating on them and getting people to rally around it.   edison365ideas uses Yammer for threaded discussions and collaborations.  Teams too when you are ready to experiment or act on those great ideas.  

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