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While I understand all of the social tools (Teams, Yammer, Outlook Groups) can relatively do many/similar things. Our users want prescriptive guidance, so our team is planning to educate users with the understanding that they need to understand team's comfort for communication and needs (what they want to accomplish) in the end they can choose what fits their team the most.


That said, does the Yammer team have a different perspective or insight on this approach?


Here's our "prescriptive not restrictive" stand...


-Yammer: visible, public, broadcasting, employee recognition, communities, knowledge share

-Teams: private, narrow work tasks, instant response, small teams

-Groups: formal (compliance) communication, small teams, no need to be visible to all

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You're on the right path Lillian. I know you're familiar and up to speed on much of our guidance here. Here's something that Dan Holme, Director of Product Marketing, said in an interview recently:

GL: When we think of Microsoft productivity and collaboration offerings, Yammer and Microsoft Teams come immediately to mind. Do you mean to re-position Yammer as a broadcast network, and for large communities? Which would leave Microsoft Teams for team and project communications.

DH: You are close. Microsoft Teams (in the browser or desktop / mobile app) is a chat-based workplace; a hub for teams that work in real time on projects. It is a successful way for high velocity teams to collaborate. It allows them to include the chat experience and get out of legacy email threads. Microsoft Teams can pull all of the resources their team needs into that hub, as it’s a simple interface to SharePoint document libraries, OneNote, tasks, and more – including third-party apps and services.

SharePoint is highly integrated with Teams. This week we have announced that people can add SharePoint Pages to Teams, so they can have a tab in Microsoft Teams that shows their news or a page with important information. That way a team can work inside of Teams and still get the power of SharePoint – Teams becomes better with SharePoint, and we think SharePoint is better with Teams.

YammerYammer, on the other hand, is an open space where people can connect. That means they can engage, share best practices, answer questions, and find expertise by basically shouting out and saying, ‘Who knows something about this?’. That is a unique capability that can only happen in an open environment. Whereas Microsoft Teams is really about the team; it is not open across the organisation like Yammer is.

Yammer allows organisations to enable front-line workers to connect across manufacturing environments or across retail environments, for example. It allows airline employees to connect, executives to talk more openly with staff. We have just announced a tighter integration with SharePoint and Yammer so that a new class of SharePoint sites called ‘Communication Sites’ will allow people to share news and views across the organisation in a very modern, mobile-first way.

Here's the link to the full article:

I like where you are going with that Lilly. Just to be clear, by "Groups" above - what is the context? Thanks.


Ah - sorry - I see you mean Outlook Groups. Thanks.

That's such great context Steve. Thank you!

Helpful!  It's just that feeling that you don't want to steer people in a direction :) As always thank you!


Yes, I meant Outlook Groups! :) thanks @Dean Swann

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