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What is the Yammer roadmap looking like, post MS Ignite Australia? What are the big things that are close to fruition? How about the editing of Yammer posts or desktop Yammer apps for example? 


Bonus question if I may, do you get fed up when some people doubt Microsoft's commitment to Yammer (the 'yammer is dying' brigade)?



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Both of those features are going to be coming pretty soon.


I certainly do.  Especially lately, when Microsoft has been making so much investment in Yammer integration into Office 365.  Baffling.  

Hosting a webjam here is kinda like dying as its so clunky! However run a #yamjam and your flying ........ I like to think Microsoft realised this by now and are embedding Yammer right across Office 365 tools.
Good Qs (:o))
Thanks for your enthusiasm since Australia Ignite, Cian! As you probably know, we rolled out our integration with Office 365 Groups last week, so that's available now.

Edit Post is currently rolled out to some select Preview customers. This will aid in some additional bug smashing, and hope that we have this rolled out broadly by some time end of the month.

Development of desktop app is underway and should be ready in a few months.

We're also testing a new Group Header treatment that you might see in your network.

BONUS ANSWER: Helping people understand the impact Yammer can have on an organization certainly takes patience.

Thanks for the really helpful reply from yourself and @Tom Kretzmer.  It's great to hear about the ongoing investment in Yammer and the news on these eagerly awaited features.  Edit Post, in particular, is going to help with adoption and getting staff more comfortable with enterprise social networks and being able to quickly fix typos etc. 

I honestly wasn't overly excited about edit post - I wasn't in an environment where the lack of it would really affect collaboration.  But I'm one of the beta testers for it, and from a user point of view I really do love the thing.  


And for anyone who thinks it took so long, we've had email for decades and they still can't edit a message after it's sent.  :)

Good points Tom, it might not seem like a must-have feature, depending on the environment, but it's definitely a useful feature.  I certainly found it awkward, to begin with not being able to edit a post and having to delete it and start again, if I was that bothered.  Like you say, no editing of emails either and Twitter users are long used to not being able to edit tweets for example.

I find myself eye-rolling over the Yammer is mortally wounded / lying in a ditch / dead / undead / back as a zombie in a B-movie rants.


Yammer can take time, nurturing, and dedication--all the things & more that community managers and other invested souls do--and I'd say that this is reflected more strongly than ever with the Yammer team at Microsoft. I'm really liking what I'm seeing, from the responsiveness to the enhancements rolling out, such as edit post. 


So yeah: It's not dead any more than email was dead when enterprise social networks came around, or phones were dead when email came around. There's a place for everything, and more, if that "place" works, then it'll keep working as long as the community it serves has use for it.

Yammer is so 'dead' that Workplace by Facebook is using a very similar strategy for helping organisations to engage their people in better ways of working. Slack is copying features in an effort to become a more effective enterprise platform that works for larger organisations and to solve issues with the value of its conversations. Microsoft itself is investing heavily in weaving Yammer into the Office365 stack, because they seen the value of collaborative work across organisations. Millions of employees around the world are connecting, sharing and solving business problems with Yammer. The organisations who invest in helping there employees to leverage the platform are realising significant value and readying themselves to be more effective in digital transformation.  If that is "dead", then let's enjoy the cemetery,  it is a good place to be.  


At the end of the day the arguments about the death or not of the various products are deeply secondary to the work of engaging the employees of organisations in better ways of working. That's what matters to CEOs and users. Every vendor is working on that. Microsoft has a solid lead at the moment and that's likely for a while to come.

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Yes - indeed. And it looks like the market for ESNs is booming - see http://www.sbwire.com/press-releases/enterprise-social-networks-market-to-rise-at-165-cagr-by-2026-7...