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Mark Jones
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When will I have better file access in the Yammer mobile app? Its a painful process to upload files through the mobile app and for our disconnected workforce who will mostly use mobile devices this is a limitation to adoption.

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Hi Mark,


One of our highest priorities for the next few months is getting our mobile apps to parity with the web version of Yammer, meaning that you would be able to manage files as well as on the web. That said, there are limits to how well we can manage files on mobile that are imposed by the operating system - e.g., on iOS, there is no real user accessible / manageable file system.


Eventually, as part of the deeper integration with the Office 365 suite, we will provide integrated file management with OneDrive and SharePoint, and will bring that to mobile as well. This would alleviate a lot of the current shortcomings of file management within the Yammer app on mobile.


If you have concrete ideas for how to improve the Yammer apps, please feel free to raise them on https://yammer.uservoice.com/, so that other Yammer users can vote and comment on your ideas. The Yammer Product Team regularly reviews those suggestions to help prioritize our future work.


Hi Jens-Fabian,


Thanks, I understand the limitations of the likes of iOS howeer the user case we have in the transport sector is people working on a bus say, want to take a photo of a problem and share it with others, and this is not easy.


Whenever someone demo's Yammer its on the PC with a browser saying how great it is, however the mobie apps are poor and the Windows Mobile app is the worst.


Better file management and integration with OneDrive and SharePoint is great to know, just when, as if you look at Office 365 Groups app this is also poor as it does not integrate with OneDrive like SharePoint app is, just having read only files is not good enough.


I am sure you are aware the file navigation in the mobile app is also poor, looking forward to seeing a fresh take on a Yammer app, looking at it today its hard put any effort in pushing the platform as I know the users will push back


Thanks for the speedy reply



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