Yammer in Delve / MyAnalytics

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Yammer results in Intranet search were instrumental to Yammer's success at a previous organization. What are the plans to increase visibility and exposure to the actual *conversations* happening in Yammer to audiences who may not be frequenting Yammer?


Can we also anticipate something similar to MyAnalytics for interactions in Yammer or have Yammer inform those signals?

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We're getting ready to roll out a "Discovery" email notification. We've had good engagement with that and it's a new way we hope to help people find conversations on Yammer that are relevant to them. Do you have some ideas? I'm guessing you have some VR-related suggestions :>

We've started to have some discussions with the MyAnalytics team, but still VERY early stages.
Can you imagine a MyAnalytics dashboard that showed your connections and response rates across all your conversations: mail / Yammer / Teams? <shiver>

Any update on myAnalytics for Yammer given myAnalytics is rolling out to E3?