Yammer Group Types

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Are there any more details on the upcoming Yammer Group types? What will the types be? Will they have any different functionality? How will the user interface change to adapt to this?

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Hi Nick,

We are not introducing any new Yammer group types at this point. We modified the existing Yammer group types to align with the group types that AAD supports. For example, previously you could have a private group where only admins could approve membership OR where any team member could approve membership. We removed the option to have any group member able to approve membership requests so that we're in sync with the O365 Group type offerings.

From a community manager / admin perspective, it would be amazing to have a sense of which types of groups (announcements, projects, social, etc) the network is comprised of.

Thanks Adrienne but in the Ignite conference presentation on Yammer they directly referenced Yammer group types as something that was being investigated? Project/Communication/Announcement group are all directly referenced.