Windows 10 Yammer app update?

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When would the Windows 10 Yammer app be updated to use the new interface?

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Hi Girish! We are working on a plan for how to bring the new Yammer to our Desktop users. A way to experience the new Yammer on desktop currently is through the the Communities App in Teams. We do not have any plans to retire the desktop app at this moment.


I am unable to switch tenant  in the Communities App in Teams as I can do in the Win 10 Yammer app.  I am kind of reading between the lines, but you are saying "you do not have any plans to retire the desktop app" does it mean, it is deprecated and no new functionality will be added to it and Communities App in Teams is encouraged?

- What about people who do not use Teams, but use Yammer.

- I wish I could pop out "Communities App" from Teams

The Communities app in Teams was just a recommendation for how you can try out the new Yammer on desktop. We are currently working through a plan for bring the new Yammer to desktop and will keep you updated. Teams is working on a feature to be able to pop-out the Communities App into its own window and should be coming soon!