What will be the maximum number of members for Yammer group integrated with o365 group?

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Hi Joanna -

There is no theoretical max for the number of users in a group. We say 1,000+ in all our groups support documentation. Anecdotally, we have seen groups with hundreds of thousands of users.

Ok, that is a good news. 

And what if we will create MS Teams on top of such group? There is a limitation to 600 members. 

Interesting, yet Teams will only support 600 members? Why?

Yes, Teams currently has a limit of 600 people. After 600 people, Teams will stop sync'ing new group members. 

I don't believe you'll be able to connect a Microsoft Team to an existing Office 365 Group that has been created from Yammer. By creating the Office 365 Group from Yammer, you will have locked in the preferred conversation experience. In saying that, we managed to create a Microsoft Team that takes advantage of the IM conversation style privately, while using the associated email address for the Group publicly as a DL. Once I receive the Yammer connected O365 Groups, I'll explore what I can do to connect all three :grinning_face:. But I don't expect to be able to try till wave 2.
I know of groups with over 22,000 members.