Welcome to the Working Out Loud in Yammer AMA!

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Welcome to this special-edition Working Out Loud Week AMA! We’re incredibly excited to have both Yammer MVPs and Yammer Product Team members in the room help to answer questions and discuss Working Out Loud!   


For this AMA, we have a series of questions to help lead the discussion. Please answer each question on the corresponding thread.    


To kick the hour off, please introduce yourself below. Question 5 is posted!


Announcing a WOL Week Yammer AMA!Announcing a WOL Week Yammer AMA!



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I am Jens, Product Manager on the Yammer team. Happy to answer any product development and roadmap related questions (if I can) :)

Welcome everyone! We have a packed room here in Redmond :)

Everyone wish Lana a Happy Birthday!!

Hi everyone!  So glad to have our MVPs here with us for the Working Out Loud AMA!  I'm Anna and part of the Tech Community team here in sunny Redmond!

Mike here from the community team. Excited about the pure Yammer power we have joining us today! 

Hello all, Melanie Hohertz here, Online Communications Lead of Cargill, 2016 Microsoft MVP, and toast fanatic.

Happy birthday! 

Hey everyone! I'm checking in from the Community Team!

Hello. Kevin Crossman from Juniper Networks and also a Microsoft MVP for Yammer.
Hi! I'm Becky from Milwaukee, WI, a Yammer MVP (still here in Milwaukee though) and a social media & community manager for the Crisis Prevention Institute.
Pablo here! Engineering manager for the Yammer team. Hello everyone.

Chris Slemp, Director of Strategy at Carpool Agency.

Hi everyone! Loni French here, Yammer Community Manager for Guardian Life Insurance in NYC and Yammer MVP. #YammerAMA

Happy Birthday!

Very excited to be here today, live from sunny Redmond! I'm the Yammer Product Marketing manager based in San Francisco. Looking forward to hearing from our amazing Yammer customers, partners and MVPs!
Hi everyone, I'm glad to have this opportunity to be on the room to answer your questions !
Hi, Simon Terry from Change Agents Worldwide and co-Founder of Working Out Loud Week

Hi! This is Cartier, product copywriter, from the Yammer research team.