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David Srour
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Hi. This is David Srour of RealFoundations. ... and this is my first AMA.


  • What will the user experience change be like in the new groups?
  • Any suggestions as to how we ready our user community?
  • Are there materials available documenting the benefits and functionality of the change in groups?
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Hi David - welcome! Great to have you here!


Please take a look at the blog post for screenshot, the only change that users see is the resources section on the right hand side. https://blogs.office.com/2017/03/02/yammer-integration-with-office-365-groups-now-rolling-out/


From a user management process - I think having a post on the new functionality would be great from a community perspective. Letting folks know that they now get these new cool useful functions might be helpful so they can make good choices for their porjects and teams.


There will be some new videos also and new materials coming out more generally for Yammer also.