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The Summary from this AMA is available in the attached Word Document. We hope to see you next time!


Thank you for joining us and voicing your questions and feedback during this fun and action-packed hour!


For ongoing updates, please join the Yammer Service Updates Yammer Group, and continue the conversation in the Yammer Group in the Microsoft Tech CommunityWe will put together a summary document of what was covered during the AMA and share it here. 


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Thanks, @Lana O'Brien!!


To join the Yammer Service Updates Yammer Group, just fill out this form.  You'll need to connect via a Yammer network with External Messaging not firewalled.  

Thanks again everyone! Yammer AMAs are always one of my personal favorites :)

Good thing to note! Thank you!
Thanks for your time and generosity!
AMAs are always good, please keep doing them with the various teams.
Thanks! that was good :)
just to late i filled out the form hope to join next time!
Sad that I had to miss this today, but happy I get to review it all here and chime in where I feel compelled :)

I was in training during this AMA and was sad to miss it. Looking forward to the summary @Lana O'Brien!

I just read the whole summary since I missed the event.  Excellent information.  Thanks for providing it.